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N-Sights for April 2013


Dawn of a New Age - Jean-Paul Avisse
Have you ever known anyone who did not love Spring?  Finally, the weather warms, trees and flowers begin budding, and we see evidence of beauty and renewal in our natural  landscapes.  It is  easier  to  be  optimistic   and  plan  for  our   futures when the world reassures us that all is well and that past disappointments and failures can be overcome -- that indeed we can make a new start in manifesting our dreams.

This Spring, especially, the cosmic energies are synchronized with the seasons.  Numerology offers us April as a Number One Universal Month in a Number Six Universal Year.  April marks the beginning of a new astrological year with the sun residing in Aries.  We are being urged to action with the reassurance that we are supported in achieving any life changes we desire.

In addition, many metaphysical leaders are now communicating that the Spring Equinox on March 21st signaled the end of the third dimension and the rigid restrictions that have existed for thousands of years.  Supposedly, we now have the freedom to create our lives anew sans the beliefs, guilt and judgments that prevented us from knowing and embracing our authentic selves.  

Jean-Paul Avisse, Artist

Just supposing this is true, how will you use the energies of this auspicious time period?  Will you be able to overcome old habits of functioning and recognize that you have the potential to be, do and have whatever you want?  Do you know what you would want?  Yes, of course, we all want love, money, health and well being – but what if there’s more in terms of accessing abilities and talents that we never dreamed we had?  I personally believe that is the potential lying before us.  This month can mark the beginning of a new chapter in each of our lives.  Discovering our new journey and mapping our way lies before us. 

As exciting – and even intimidating and overwhelming – as it may sound to be suddenly presented with the idea of a life without limits, we are in a state of transition, and life will not change overnight.  Your personal month guidelines below can offer you some clues on transiting the new vibrations of this month.

Jean-Paul Avisse, Artist
Possibilities for Your Personal Month

Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which you may find showing up in your life this April depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 

To determine your Personal Year Number:
Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

Personal Month Guidelines for April 2013

If your Personal Year is:

You couldn’t have a better month for change and a new beginning!  In fact, if you are not planning any life changes, you may find that you automatically attract them.  Things may not happen for you overnight, however.  Intentions set in motion this month may not manifest until fall or even next year.

Family and domestic responsibilities take precedence this month.  It’s also a great month for marriage, house hunting and purchasing and/or moving to a new home.

This is an ideal month to start a new health and/or fitness routine, especially if stress management and meditation are included.  Take time for yourself.  You’re entitled to “you time!”  Self-pampering and spa visits as well as a solitary vacation (especially to a location near water or mountains) can be rejuvenating.  It’s also an opportune time to begin metaphysical and spiritual studies.

Put your attention on finances and financial resources, especially those affecting your family and home circumstances.  It could be a good month to investigate refinancing your mortgage, drawing up a new expense budget or doing some intensive estate planning.  You may find that you will be working more hours than you’d like this month, but you will likely have the stamina for the extra effort required.  This is also a good month to begin a new business enterprise – or at least gain the vision for one.

This is a month of endings.  Be proactive and review your personal and professional circumstances for things that are no longer working.   This is a month to terminate the things that drain your energy.  Sometimes, “Fate” steps in and does the housecleaning for you.  Fear not, all is in Divine order and new horizons await you!

You are perfectly synchronized with the Universe to make a fresh start with your life.  Make sure your intentions are clear, ask for what you want – and then take action!  This can be a very fruitful year for you in all respects.

Though this is a year when you are likely to opt for solitary pursuits, this month you will not be able to avoid relationship issues.  Some may find that relationships that are no longer a vibrational match are best released.  Keep peace and harmony in mind when communicating with others.  Be assured that any relationships that end can be replaced with those that bring you blessings of love and friendship with kindred spirits.

Even though you’ve likely been devoting most of your time on business, career and financial matters this year, this April it’s appropriate for you to focus on the lighter side of life.  Take a vacation, indulge your inner child and/or your creative talents.  It’s even a good time to begin a business that offers artful or beauty products or caters to the needs of children.

Time to get your house and health in order.  Spring cleaning is especially appropriate for you.  Getting rid of environmental clutter clears your space for life changes.  If you have ongoing health concerns, solutions may appear for you.  You are going through a year of endings so help them along by saying good-bye to all that no longer serves you.

Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon in this video, may your find yourself emerging to a new and exciting life of freedom from restrictions.

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