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N-Sights for May 2013

If I tell you that this May can be your most significant month of the year, will you believe it?

May is the only month of 2013 that cycles under the influence of the Number Eleven, the number of Light and the Divine Feminine.  As a Master Number it demands more from us  – but can give back immeasurable rewards.
JOY VIBRATIONS   Rassouli, Artist
We are in the earliest stage of our Two millennium, which is also governed by the Divine Feminine and the Light of Truth.  This energy brings from the darkness everything that is out of integrity with love, peace, harmony, justice and equality.  This month, especially, we may find new “truths” to be revealed that demand action and reform.  This applies to us individually and to us nationally and globally. 

When the Eleven energy is dominant, we are offered tests in our relationships and are encouraged to make whatever changes are necessary to create a more harmonious existence.  Thus this month we are likely to have a lot of “relationship drama” going on.  This is not to be construed as “bad” – simply a correction that allows us to evaluate whether we want to continue our current relationships and if so, how we might modify them to make them more heart-centered and peaceful.  Remember, we are all in an evolutionary process of healing and merging our inner male and female essences -- and each one of us can be at a different stage in our progress.  As we relax into, embrace, love and enjoy both the male and female aspects of ourselves, this change will be reflected in our external relationships.  Much progress can be made at this time.  
                                 JOY RIDERS  Rassouli, Artist

In addition to relationship issues demanding resolution, we are likely to experience more people making career changes and/or moving from one place to another – thus stimulating more buying and selling of property, for example.  May is often a time when people move, and this year statistically we are likely to find a higher than usual percentage of people playing “musical chairs”.  May is numerically written as “Five” a symbol of change, so this energy is always in play during this time of year and magnified during 2013.
The Eleven (which also reduces to Two) demands justice.  Negotiation and mediation that support fair outcomes are favored this month  along with tact and diplomacy which are always the best policy but which especially need to be in play now when people are more likely to be sensitive and over-reactive to anything perceived as criticism.

The Eleven/Two always requires an exchange of energy.  Thus giving and receiving are important components of our experience.  Gain and loss are typical under this vibration -- but factored in is the caveat that what is lost is replaced by something of equal or greater value.

The Eleven/Two also symbolizes choices.  These may be prevalent for you this month.  Recently I listened to psychic medium, James Van Praagh, on an online teleclass.  I mentally applauded him when he mentioned that first and foremost of our choices now are between empowerment and love and fear and limitation.  So – when making your choices now – and ongoing – ask yourself which path you are taking.  When you feel your heart resonating in accord, you will know you are making the choice that truly supports your existence and progress on the Earth plane.
REVEALING THE SELF   Rassouli, Artist
Because Eleven has a vibration that connects us with the higher realms, those who have the Eleven prominent in their numerology charts may find this time period more challenging to navigate.  If you are one of those people, learning to stay grounded is always a challenge and especially this month.  Stay around positive people and avoid chaotic locales.  Sensitivities to allergens and environmental contaminants are likely to be heightened, so take care to avoid these as much as possible.  The plus of this time period is that it fosters increased psychic ability in all of us and especially those of you who have Eleven strong in your charts.

Possibilities for Your Personal Month

Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which will prevail for you this May depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 

To determine your Personal Year Number:

Add the number representing your month of birth to the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

Personal Month Guidelines for May  2013

If your Personal Year is:

ONE There’s no getting around it!  Relationships will be first and foremost on your priority list this month.  Are you going to sever ties – and/or be part of a wonderful new romance, friendship, partnership or collaboration?  Let your inner guidance be your guide.

TWO   Although you’re in a year when partnerships dominate your life journey, May is a month to take time out to for a life review and to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.  Even if you feel a little lonely and isolated, know this is part of the energy of change.  In June you’ll feel more empowered and in charge of your life.

THREE  Money and financial affairs will likely be on your mind.  Don’t count your chickens – but a financial windfall and good luck are definite possibilities!

FOUR  Something about the structure of your life is ending this month.  Whatever it is, interpret it as a constructive change that will bring hidden blessings.

FIVE  You’re ready for change this year, and May is the month to set the wheels in motion and begin to make things happen.  Be willing to leave behind your familiar lifestyle and trust that all will be well – and it will be!

SIX  If the relationships in your life leave anything to be desired, this is the month to negotiate changes – or take the high road to another destination.  Just remember that tact, diplomacy and respect for the other person (or people) will need to be honored for everyone to be content with the outcome.

SEVEN  While most of the world is involved in relationship issues, sit back and indulge yourself in your favorite pastimes.  As long as you can enjoy your own company and fend off any tendency to feel sorry for yourself, this can be a very enjoyable month – and certainly ideal for a vacation if you have a yen for time off and new horizons.

EIGHT  Matters of finance and personal security will get your attention.  There is a potential for this to be a profitable month, though with some extra effort required.  If unanticipated expenses or loss occur, know that you have what it takes to skillfully recover and prosper.

NINE  Change is in the air – and you are ready!  Some unwelcome tests of character may come your way.  If so, understand that the Universe is simply inviting you to show off the lessons you’ve learned before you graduate to the next chapter of your life.
In conclusion, I share this quote with you which recently crossed my path in perfect synchronicity.

“No matter how long the room has been dark, an hour or a million years, the moment the lamp of awareness is lit the entire room becomes luminous. You are that luminosity. You are that clear light.”
                                                      -Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Let the light of your spirit shine on brightly this month and always.  Even though you may not ever know how, you will make a difference in the lives of others and help all of us lead a more enlightened path.                            



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