Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Saturday, June 1, 2013

N-Sights for Summer 2013

Angel Melodies    Josephine Wall, Artist

Nan Penn Life Mastery is on hiatus.  Transformation is taking place!  New offerings are in the works.  A summary forecast of energies for this summer of 2013 is as follows:
June 2013 
Time to take it easy and focus on the good things of life.
NOTE:  Mercury is retrograde from June 26 to July 20th.  This is not a time to begin new projects.  Instead focus on reworking and finishing past projects as well as attention to home repairs and health matters.
July 2013 
Put your attention on home and family matters related to health and financial security. 
August 2013 
An outstanding time for new directions!
Wishing you a summer that brings rejuvenation and clarity for the future.  May your life be blessed with love, health, beauty and abundance.

Monday, April 29, 2013

N-Sights for May 2013

If I tell you that this May can be your most significant month of the year, will you believe it?

May is the only month of 2013 that cycles under the influence of the Number Eleven, the number of Light and the Divine Feminine.  As a Master Number it demands more from us  – but can give back immeasurable rewards.
JOY VIBRATIONS   Rassouli, Artist
We are in the earliest stage of our Two millennium, which is also governed by the Divine Feminine and the Light of Truth.  This energy brings from the darkness everything that is out of integrity with love, peace, harmony, justice and equality.  This month, especially, we may find new “truths” to be revealed that demand action and reform.  This applies to us individually and to us nationally and globally. 

When the Eleven energy is dominant, we are offered tests in our relationships and are encouraged to make whatever changes are necessary to create a more harmonious existence.  Thus this month we are likely to have a lot of “relationship drama” going on.  This is not to be construed as “bad” – simply a correction that allows us to evaluate whether we want to continue our current relationships and if so, how we might modify them to make them more heart-centered and peaceful.  Remember, we are all in an evolutionary process of healing and merging our inner male and female essences -- and each one of us can be at a different stage in our progress.  As we relax into, embrace, love and enjoy both the male and female aspects of ourselves, this change will be reflected in our external relationships.  Much progress can be made at this time.  
                                 JOY RIDERS  Rassouli, Artist

In addition to relationship issues demanding resolution, we are likely to experience more people making career changes and/or moving from one place to another – thus stimulating more buying and selling of property, for example.  May is often a time when people move, and this year statistically we are likely to find a higher than usual percentage of people playing “musical chairs”.  May is numerically written as “Five” a symbol of change, so this energy is always in play during this time of year and magnified during 2013.
The Eleven (which also reduces to Two) demands justice.  Negotiation and mediation that support fair outcomes are favored this month  along with tact and diplomacy which are always the best policy but which especially need to be in play now when people are more likely to be sensitive and over-reactive to anything perceived as criticism.

The Eleven/Two always requires an exchange of energy.  Thus giving and receiving are important components of our experience.  Gain and loss are typical under this vibration -- but factored in is the caveat that what is lost is replaced by something of equal or greater value.

The Eleven/Two also symbolizes choices.  These may be prevalent for you this month.  Recently I listened to psychic medium, James Van Praagh, on an online teleclass.  I mentally applauded him when he mentioned that first and foremost of our choices now are between empowerment and love and fear and limitation.  So – when making your choices now – and ongoing – ask yourself which path you are taking.  When you feel your heart resonating in accord, you will know you are making the choice that truly supports your existence and progress on the Earth plane.
REVEALING THE SELF   Rassouli, Artist
Because Eleven has a vibration that connects us with the higher realms, those who have the Eleven prominent in their numerology charts may find this time period more challenging to navigate.  If you are one of those people, learning to stay grounded is always a challenge and especially this month.  Stay around positive people and avoid chaotic locales.  Sensitivities to allergens and environmental contaminants are likely to be heightened, so take care to avoid these as much as possible.  The plus of this time period is that it fosters increased psychic ability in all of us and especially those of you who have Eleven strong in your charts.

Possibilities for Your Personal Month

Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which will prevail for you this May depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 

To determine your Personal Year Number:

Add the number representing your month of birth to the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

Personal Month Guidelines for May  2013

If your Personal Year is:

ONE There’s no getting around it!  Relationships will be first and foremost on your priority list this month.  Are you going to sever ties – and/or be part of a wonderful new romance, friendship, partnership or collaboration?  Let your inner guidance be your guide.

TWO   Although you’re in a year when partnerships dominate your life journey, May is a month to take time out to for a life review and to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.  Even if you feel a little lonely and isolated, know this is part of the energy of change.  In June you’ll feel more empowered and in charge of your life.

THREE  Money and financial affairs will likely be on your mind.  Don’t count your chickens – but a financial windfall and good luck are definite possibilities!

FOUR  Something about the structure of your life is ending this month.  Whatever it is, interpret it as a constructive change that will bring hidden blessings.

FIVE  You’re ready for change this year, and May is the month to set the wheels in motion and begin to make things happen.  Be willing to leave behind your familiar lifestyle and trust that all will be well – and it will be!

SIX  If the relationships in your life leave anything to be desired, this is the month to negotiate changes – or take the high road to another destination.  Just remember that tact, diplomacy and respect for the other person (or people) will need to be honored for everyone to be content with the outcome.

SEVEN  While most of the world is involved in relationship issues, sit back and indulge yourself in your favorite pastimes.  As long as you can enjoy your own company and fend off any tendency to feel sorry for yourself, this can be a very enjoyable month – and certainly ideal for a vacation if you have a yen for time off and new horizons.

EIGHT  Matters of finance and personal security will get your attention.  There is a potential for this to be a profitable month, though with some extra effort required.  If unanticipated expenses or loss occur, know that you have what it takes to skillfully recover and prosper.

NINE  Change is in the air – and you are ready!  Some unwelcome tests of character may come your way.  If so, understand that the Universe is simply inviting you to show off the lessons you’ve learned before you graduate to the next chapter of your life.
In conclusion, I share this quote with you which recently crossed my path in perfect synchronicity.

“No matter how long the room has been dark, an hour or a million years, the moment the lamp of awareness is lit the entire room becomes luminous. You are that luminosity. You are that clear light.”
                                                      -Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Let the light of your spirit shine on brightly this month and always.  Even though you may not ever know how, you will make a difference in the lives of others and help all of us lead a more enlightened path.                            



Thursday, March 28, 2013

N-Sights for April 2013


Dawn of a New Age - Jean-Paul Avisse
Have you ever known anyone who did not love Spring?  Finally, the weather warms, trees and flowers begin budding, and we see evidence of beauty and renewal in our natural  landscapes.  It is  easier  to  be  optimistic   and  plan  for  our   futures when the world reassures us that all is well and that past disappointments and failures can be overcome -- that indeed we can make a new start in manifesting our dreams.

This Spring, especially, the cosmic energies are synchronized with the seasons.  Numerology offers us April as a Number One Universal Month in a Number Six Universal Year.  April marks the beginning of a new astrological year with the sun residing in Aries.  We are being urged to action with the reassurance that we are supported in achieving any life changes we desire.

In addition, many metaphysical leaders are now communicating that the Spring Equinox on March 21st signaled the end of the third dimension and the rigid restrictions that have existed for thousands of years.  Supposedly, we now have the freedom to create our lives anew sans the beliefs, guilt and judgments that prevented us from knowing and embracing our authentic selves.  

Jean-Paul Avisse, Artist

Just supposing this is true, how will you use the energies of this auspicious time period?  Will you be able to overcome old habits of functioning and recognize that you have the potential to be, do and have whatever you want?  Do you know what you would want?  Yes, of course, we all want love, money, health and well being – but what if there’s more in terms of accessing abilities and talents that we never dreamed we had?  I personally believe that is the potential lying before us.  This month can mark the beginning of a new chapter in each of our lives.  Discovering our new journey and mapping our way lies before us. 

As exciting – and even intimidating and overwhelming – as it may sound to be suddenly presented with the idea of a life without limits, we are in a state of transition, and life will not change overnight.  Your personal month guidelines below can offer you some clues on transiting the new vibrations of this month.

Jean-Paul Avisse, Artist
Possibilities for Your Personal Month

Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which you may find showing up in your life this April depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 

To determine your Personal Year Number:
Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

Personal Month Guidelines for April 2013

If your Personal Year is:

You couldn’t have a better month for change and a new beginning!  In fact, if you are not planning any life changes, you may find that you automatically attract them.  Things may not happen for you overnight, however.  Intentions set in motion this month may not manifest until fall or even next year.

Family and domestic responsibilities take precedence this month.  It’s also a great month for marriage, house hunting and purchasing and/or moving to a new home.

This is an ideal month to start a new health and/or fitness routine, especially if stress management and meditation are included.  Take time for yourself.  You’re entitled to “you time!”  Self-pampering and spa visits as well as a solitary vacation (especially to a location near water or mountains) can be rejuvenating.  It’s also an opportune time to begin metaphysical and spiritual studies.

Put your attention on finances and financial resources, especially those affecting your family and home circumstances.  It could be a good month to investigate refinancing your mortgage, drawing up a new expense budget or doing some intensive estate planning.  You may find that you will be working more hours than you’d like this month, but you will likely have the stamina for the extra effort required.  This is also a good month to begin a new business enterprise – or at least gain the vision for one.

This is a month of endings.  Be proactive and review your personal and professional circumstances for things that are no longer working.   This is a month to terminate the things that drain your energy.  Sometimes, “Fate” steps in and does the housecleaning for you.  Fear not, all is in Divine order and new horizons await you!

You are perfectly synchronized with the Universe to make a fresh start with your life.  Make sure your intentions are clear, ask for what you want – and then take action!  This can be a very fruitful year for you in all respects.

Though this is a year when you are likely to opt for solitary pursuits, this month you will not be able to avoid relationship issues.  Some may find that relationships that are no longer a vibrational match are best released.  Keep peace and harmony in mind when communicating with others.  Be assured that any relationships that end can be replaced with those that bring you blessings of love and friendship with kindred spirits.

Even though you’ve likely been devoting most of your time on business, career and financial matters this year, this April it’s appropriate for you to focus on the lighter side of life.  Take a vacation, indulge your inner child and/or your creative talents.  It’s even a good time to begin a business that offers artful or beauty products or caters to the needs of children.

Time to get your house and health in order.  Spring cleaning is especially appropriate for you.  Getting rid of environmental clutter clears your space for life changes.  If you have ongoing health concerns, solutions may appear for you.  You are going through a year of endings so help them along by saying good-bye to all that no longer serves you.

Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon in this video, may your find yourself emerging to a new and exciting life of freedom from restrictions.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

N-Sights for March 2013

 “Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.”                

Completeness Hologram
The Month’s Big Picture:
March is a Number Nine Universal Month in a Number Six Universal Year.  If you’re a student of numerology, you already know that Nine means tests, completion and endings.  Sometimes this can be a bit fear inducing.  What is going to end?  And with our Six Universal Year, endings are statistically going to be weighted in the home, family and romantic relationship categories. If you have the Number Six, Number Nine and/or the Number Three prominent in your natal numerology chart, this month is especially likely to be relevant for you in some way regarding the above categories.
To add to the month’s potential drama we have Mercury Retrograde to March 17th with its shadow lingering throughout the rest of the month.  What’s the best way to deal with these potential changes and upsets in our collective lives?
Detachment Hologram

My answer:  Look on the bright side!  This is an ideal month to rid ourselves of all the things literally and metaphorically that we’ve regarded as “icky”.  My advice:  Start with your home and environment and clear out everything that does not bring you joy.  Then go on to your job, career and relationships.  This process, obviously, has a trickier protocol of navigation….But it is ideal to realistically look at what in your life is draining your energy and then take steps to say goodbye.
What helps us always – and in this particular month especially – is to focus on LOVE.  This March we have the three numbers – Three, Six and Nine – the numbers of the Holy Trinity of Divine Love – prominent in our collective energy field. 

Joy Hologram
Focus your energy on every single thing that brings joy to your life from your morning coffee (or tea, if you’re me), to your child’s or pet’s adoration to the fact that you have a job and paycheck (if you do), a significant other (if you do), a home to retreat to (if you do), friends to support you (and I’m sure you do have those!) and all the “freebies” of our world – bright sunshine, trees, flowers, and the panoramas of nature – along with all the free mood-lifters we can access through our electronic devices – music, humor and the plethora of “how-to” guidelines that come to us from a multitude of spiritual experts and transformational new thought leaders.
The more we can focus on what fills our hearts with love, the more progress we can make in eradicating the downers in our lives.  Even sending love to everything that is an energy drain, “I send you love and wish you well but you no longer belong in my life -- good-bye!” – will help you create a big shift in your life.  Even sending love to the things you want to change but have no control over will change the energy of your life.
This month offers us a huge opportunity to revitalize every aspect of our lives.  Doing your ritualistic housecleaning this month allows the beauty and blessings of Spring to arrive with the Equinox on March 21 and the celebration of rebirth that always accompanies Easter (March 31).  No matter what your religious persuasion is, you, and all of us, can find a new day dawning in April which is when our New Year officially begins.

Gratitude Hologram
Possibilities for Your Personal Month
Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which will prevail for you this March depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 
To determine your Personal Year Number: 

Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and  reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number  to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is  the number of your Personal Year.
Personal Month Guidelines for March 2013
If your Personal Year is:
ONE  It’s time to create a new structural design for your life -- your health, your  home, your career, and your finances.   Remember, you’re in charge so make sure you create what you really want! 
TWO  This is definitely a month of change for you.  You could  be moving, changing jobs and/or changing romantic partners.   Just see that your changes will improve your life and it will be easier to part the ways.
THREE  Lucky you!  This can be one of your best months in the   whole year.  It’s a time for love, socializing and celebrating.    Buy new clothes; go to the spa; take a trip to someplace  with breathtaking scenery; indulge your inner child and   take time to smell the roses.  Unexpected gifts and good fortune can seek you out.  Focusing on the positive and    thinking and saying only kind, positive words will get you   everywhere. Anything that leaves your life will be replaced  with something better in the future.
FOUR  This may be a month when repairs are mandated, especially  with your electronics, appliances and plumbing.  Unexpected   expenses are never welcome – but if they occur, you’ll be   resourceful and find a way to meet them.  Your visionary and psychic abilities can be stronger than usual this month  so be sure to tune in for guidance. 
FIVE  This month may signal a big change in your job, career  and/or finances.  It can be a good month for legal settlements as well as financial windfalls.

SIX  This month your attention will likely be on home, family  and relationships.  If others need your assistance, give what feels appropriate and know that you’ll have time for yourself another day. 
SEVEN A new start is in the works for you.  Envision and strategize  your desired changes, but wait until next month to take action.
EIGHT It’s very possible that you will find your stamina tested  this month as you encounter master tests with partnerships,  legal issues and justice.  On the other hand, it’s a magnificent  month to take the lead and inspire others.
NINE  This can be a lovely month for you if you step back from trying to make things happen and just enjoy the energies of love, beauty and creativity to guide you in your activities.  Your inner child beckons…Let him/her out to play.  You won’t regret it! 

Release Hologram
March Divine Guidance from My 2013 N-Sights Calendar
Archangel Michael reminds us to stay focused on our intended outcomes, no matter what distractions, disruptions and endings show up in our lives.  Keep your eyes on your targeted goals and ask Archangel Michael to help you overcome any accompanying fears and to have the confidence and courage to pursue your dreams. 
“I now easily and effortlessly remove all blocks and obstacles to releasing anything in my life which no longer serves my greater good.”

Thursday, January 31, 2013

N-Sights for February 2013


“The Master doesn’t try to be powerful,
thus she is truly powerful.”
                excerpted from the Tao Te Ching

Quan Yin by Sue Halstenberg

The Month’s Big Picture:

February is a Number Eight Universal Month in a Number Six Personal Year.  Nationally and globally we are more likely to see a focus on legal issues, justice, and contracts and agreements especially regarding health care, wealth and finance, large corporations, and government policies this month.    Eight also represents strength, power and mastery. If you have the Number Six, Number Eight and/or the Number Two prominent in your natal numerology chart, this month is likely to be relevant for you in some way regarding the above categories.

 Possibilities for Your Personal Month

Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which will prevail for you this February depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 
To determine your Personal Year Number:

Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and  reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number  to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is  the number of your Personal Year.
Quan Yin - Artist Unknown

Personal Month Guidelines

If your Personal Year is:

ONE  This is your month to indulge in the good things of life!  Socialize, dine out, seek beauty and wardrobe enhancements.    Caution:  Watch over-spending as well as ego-based   purchases to impress others.
TWO  Focus on financial and estate planning, home and family   matters.  Take a practical, teamwork-oriented approach   to your activities.
THREE This can be a lucky and sensuous month for you, and  Valentine’s Day is right up your alley.  If you’re single, a new love could appear.  Watch overindulgence in anything that can be addictive.

FOUR  Health, home and family matters predominate.  Be practical  and focus on what needs repairing in your life – whether it’s  your own health and fitness, your relationship with your mate,   your finances, remodeling your home or the perennial punch   list of household “fix-its.”
FIVE  While others tackle their “to-do” lists, this is your month to  take it easy – maybe take a vacation or explore new ports of  call.  If Valentine’s Day finds you solo, take heart!  New  opportunities to meet a new heart-mate will be forthcoming   later in the year.
SIX  This can be a “power month” for you!  Take the lead, act  with fairness and see contracts, agreements and family   matters settled in your favor.
SEVEN This is a month of endings and completion.  Examine the  relationships in your life.  Do they need ending or repairing?  You may feel alone and misunderstood. Take time for   yourself and give yourself much-deserved TLC!
EIGHT This can be a month of new beginnings and one which is   excellent for new business or project start-ups.  Using your   leadership skills can pay off right now, but be sure to   use tact and diplomacy as well as consideration for the   needs and feelings of others.
NINE  Your month is a month of master tests.  Patience is necessary   as well as fostering an attitude of peace and harmony. As long    as you work with others with a spirit of teamwork and   cooperation, you can end up not only seeing your goals   fulfilled, but being an inspiring presence for many.
Quan Yin Midnight Meditation by Sue Halstenberg

 February Divine Guidance from My 2013 N-Sights Calendar
This month's message is from Quan Yin, the Goddess of mercy, compassion and protection.  Her name means “she who hears all prayers.”  It is said that the uttering of her name offers guaranteed protection from harm.
“Focus on letting go of struggle, anger, harsh judgments and unforgiveness.  Your power increases as you offer acceptance, love and compassion to others as well to yourself.”
Quan Yin told me to add the following to her message:

Instead of trying to do what your mind says you “should” do, tune in to your heart and do what makes it sing.  You will feel a difference, and your life will change in amazing ways.  Just as the Number Eight is really a symbol for the constant infinite flow of energy, be in the flow of life and enjoy each moment where you are taken.”

I trust that the Universe is on my side and gives me everything I need – and more! There is no need to struggle.  I am in the Divine flow of life!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

N-Sights for 2013


 The beginning of this new year finds many of us in a state of guarded optimism.  We successfully maneuvered our way through last month’s long-awaited portals of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12.  Some claim to feel the fabled “shift” of energy that the two gateways brought.  Others find they are still stuck in life circumstances that appear to be hindering forward progress.  So what can we really expect from 2013?  Will our path be an easier one? 
From a numerology perspective, 2013 is a Number Six Universal Year.  Although the Number Six symbolizes many things, I prefer to summarize the potential of its vibration with the words “love” and “well being.”  As I’ve often noted, the Number Six resembles an abstract Madonna and child.  Indeed, the vibration of Six offers us the potential of all that we aspire to if we are living “Heaven on Earth.”  These things include:  romantic love, harmony with our families and friends, beauty in our home and surroundings, nourishing food, abundant financial supply, schools that offer us not only specialized knowledge but life skills and spiritual truth, effective health care that is both affordable and non-toxic, public safety in our communities and countries, and a legal system that guarantees us justice will be served.
Notice that the above is very utopian and a contrast to the reality of our present time.  Very significant in an unfortunate way is the tragedy of the recent shootings at the Sandy Hook school.  If we take this event as a vibrational symbol of our times, we have this past year’s Five Universal energy colliding with this new year’s Six.  Five’s energy can be chaotic, violent and shocking.  Yet it is often a vibration that alerts us to the truth of our circumstances and paves the way for change and reform. 

The sad event of Sandy Hook, I believe, is a “sign”, if you will, that we must assign ourselves the task of first ensuring our own personal safety, looking under the surface for unseen forces that pose a threat to our well being and then taking steps to eliminate them. 

Collectively we are more accepting of massive violence when it takes place in Third World countries or in the recesses of a crime-ridden inner city.  The outrage of Sandy Hook is that it took place in a locale where all on the surface was safe and peaceful. This is our lesson, in my opinion – to understand that each one of us can not, at this point, take our safety and well being for granted.  As we work individually and collectively to make our lives, our country and our world not only safe, but filled with love, respect and kindness for our fellow humans, we can indeed make great strides in creating the world of our dreams. This coming year gives us that opportunity.

Each one of you will be also working on your own personal theme for the coming year.  Calculate your Personal Year Number using the directions below.  Then scroll down for a few words that capsule the categories your lessons are likely to be comprised of during 2013.
To determine your Personal Year Number:
Add the number representing your month of birth to the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number).  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers to a
single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

If your Personal Year is:
ONE  ---- Your lessons involve initiative, leadership, independence, making new starts, and claiming your authentic self.
TWO ---- Your lessons involve relationships, teamwork, cooperation, patience and making choices.
THREE ---- Your lessons involve communication, focus, creativity and staying optimistic.
FOUR  ---- Your lessons involve diligence, prudence, creating financial security, and organization.
FIVE ---- Your lessons involve change, new directions, constructive use of freedom and avoiding excess.
SIX ---- Your lessons involve romantic and family relationships and your responsibilities to others.
SEVEN ---- Your lessons involve spirituality, faith and trust in a higher power.
EIGHT ---- Your lessons involve leadership, endurance and financial management.
NINE ----    Your lessons involve gratitude, aspects of giving and receiving and also tests of character and lessons learned in the past.

Each month throughout this coming year I will be spotlighting the Universal lessons that are offered us and sharing guidance from angels, archangels, ascended masters and other Divine beings as the messages are given to me.  If you would like to have a  preview of my insights for the entire year now, please e-mail me at for information on obtaining your Universal calendar and receiving guidance from a special teleclass I am conducting this January.
In conclusion, I offer this upbeat New Year’s Day song video by Carole King.  Very convincingly she assures us, “Everything’s gonna turn out all right.”
Individually and together we can make our year one of increased love, abundance, beauty and dreams come true.  Let’s get started!