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N-Sights for March 2013

 “Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.”                

Completeness Hologram
The Month’s Big Picture:
March is a Number Nine Universal Month in a Number Six Universal Year.  If you’re a student of numerology, you already know that Nine means tests, completion and endings.  Sometimes this can be a bit fear inducing.  What is going to end?  And with our Six Universal Year, endings are statistically going to be weighted in the home, family and romantic relationship categories. If you have the Number Six, Number Nine and/or the Number Three prominent in your natal numerology chart, this month is especially likely to be relevant for you in some way regarding the above categories.
To add to the month’s potential drama we have Mercury Retrograde to March 17th with its shadow lingering throughout the rest of the month.  What’s the best way to deal with these potential changes and upsets in our collective lives?
Detachment Hologram

My answer:  Look on the bright side!  This is an ideal month to rid ourselves of all the things literally and metaphorically that we’ve regarded as “icky”.  My advice:  Start with your home and environment and clear out everything that does not bring you joy.  Then go on to your job, career and relationships.  This process, obviously, has a trickier protocol of navigation….But it is ideal to realistically look at what in your life is draining your energy and then take steps to say goodbye.
What helps us always – and in this particular month especially – is to focus on LOVE.  This March we have the three numbers – Three, Six and Nine – the numbers of the Holy Trinity of Divine Love – prominent in our collective energy field. 

Joy Hologram
Focus your energy on every single thing that brings joy to your life from your morning coffee (or tea, if you’re me), to your child’s or pet’s adoration to the fact that you have a job and paycheck (if you do), a significant other (if you do), a home to retreat to (if you do), friends to support you (and I’m sure you do have those!) and all the “freebies” of our world – bright sunshine, trees, flowers, and the panoramas of nature – along with all the free mood-lifters we can access through our electronic devices – music, humor and the plethora of “how-to” guidelines that come to us from a multitude of spiritual experts and transformational new thought leaders.
The more we can focus on what fills our hearts with love, the more progress we can make in eradicating the downers in our lives.  Even sending love to everything that is an energy drain, “I send you love and wish you well but you no longer belong in my life -- good-bye!” – will help you create a big shift in your life.  Even sending love to the things you want to change but have no control over will change the energy of your life.
This month offers us a huge opportunity to revitalize every aspect of our lives.  Doing your ritualistic housecleaning this month allows the beauty and blessings of Spring to arrive with the Equinox on March 21 and the celebration of rebirth that always accompanies Easter (March 31).  No matter what your religious persuasion is, you, and all of us, can find a new day dawning in April which is when our New Year officially begins.

Gratitude Hologram
Possibilities for Your Personal Month
Although your own natal numerology chart is unique to you and offers you directions for traveling the years, months and days of your life, there are some general energy trends which will prevail for you this March depending on the Personal Year you are transiting. 
To determine your Personal Year Number: 

Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and  reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number  to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number.)  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers to a single digit.  This is  the number of your Personal Year.
Personal Month Guidelines for March 2013
If your Personal Year is:
ONE  It’s time to create a new structural design for your life -- your health, your  home, your career, and your finances.   Remember, you’re in charge so make sure you create what you really want! 
TWO  This is definitely a month of change for you.  You could  be moving, changing jobs and/or changing romantic partners.   Just see that your changes will improve your life and it will be easier to part the ways.
THREE  Lucky you!  This can be one of your best months in the   whole year.  It’s a time for love, socializing and celebrating.    Buy new clothes; go to the spa; take a trip to someplace  with breathtaking scenery; indulge your inner child and   take time to smell the roses.  Unexpected gifts and good fortune can seek you out.  Focusing on the positive and    thinking and saying only kind, positive words will get you   everywhere. Anything that leaves your life will be replaced  with something better in the future.
FOUR  This may be a month when repairs are mandated, especially  with your electronics, appliances and plumbing.  Unexpected   expenses are never welcome – but if they occur, you’ll be   resourceful and find a way to meet them.  Your visionary and psychic abilities can be stronger than usual this month  so be sure to tune in for guidance. 
FIVE  This month may signal a big change in your job, career  and/or finances.  It can be a good month for legal settlements as well as financial windfalls.

SIX  This month your attention will likely be on home, family  and relationships.  If others need your assistance, give what feels appropriate and know that you’ll have time for yourself another day. 
SEVEN A new start is in the works for you.  Envision and strategize  your desired changes, but wait until next month to take action.
EIGHT It’s very possible that you will find your stamina tested  this month as you encounter master tests with partnerships,  legal issues and justice.  On the other hand, it’s a magnificent  month to take the lead and inspire others.
NINE  This can be a lovely month for you if you step back from trying to make things happen and just enjoy the energies of love, beauty and creativity to guide you in your activities.  Your inner child beckons…Let him/her out to play.  You won’t regret it! 

Release Hologram
March Divine Guidance from My 2013 N-Sights Calendar
Archangel Michael reminds us to stay focused on our intended outcomes, no matter what distractions, disruptions and endings show up in our lives.  Keep your eyes on your targeted goals and ask Archangel Michael to help you overcome any accompanying fears and to have the confidence and courage to pursue your dreams. 
“I now easily and effortlessly remove all blocks and obstacles to releasing anything in my life which no longer serves my greater good.”

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