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N-Sights for December 2012


Well, here we are – at the beginning of the month made famous in legends and prophecies with two much-heralded dates:  12-12-12 and 12-21-12.   We have been told about the Mayan calendar ending this month with some saying this means the “end of the world”.  Others say that this represents the end of a 5000 year cycle and that a new one begins. 
Astronomers have documented that on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, our Earth and Sun are lined up with Alcyone,  the Great Central Sun of our galaxy.  Whatever you believe – or don’t believe – I offer my numerologist’s perspective of the Universal energies of this month and the two special dates.  Laying aside prophecy and legend and just looking at our calendar from a number perspective, I will demonstrate that this month is definitely special in terms of the energies we transit.
December 2012 is a number Eight Month in a Five Universal Year.  We arrive at Eight as a month number by adding the “12” of December to the year number “2012”.  1+ 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2  = 8   In numerology, Eight represents strength, power, mastery, and justice. According to Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker in their book, Numerology and the Divine Triangle, “8 stands for involution and evolution, for cycles of ebb and flow, infinity, rhythm, advancement, strength and confidence.”
As I’ve observed before, the Number Eight, on its side, is the infinity symbol.  As we have, in this month, the Five Universal Year energy of birth and rebirth, I interpret the potential of this month to mean that we are at the center of the infinity symbol.  The energy has gone through a period of contraction to reach this point.  Now it is ready to expand and begin a new cycle. 
The repetition of the numbers “1” and “2” is something else to examine.  One is origination and creation.  It corresponds to the masculine.  Two is feminine and receptive and offers us a gateway or portal to manifest our thoughts.  Combining the “1” and the “2” allows us to interpret that we are entering a portal which allows us to create change. 
If we look at the day numbers of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, both days add up to the master number Eleven.  Eleven, as it is configured, is the Number One, written twice.  (Eleven reduces to Two – thus we have both male and female energies merged.)  As I mentioned above, Eleven is considered to represent a portal which, when entered, takes us to a new space and dimension.  Thus, the numbers indicate that we are indeed headed toward a big power shift and an opportunity to change our lives.  I personally like to see this change as one which puts us in the position of having the wind at our backs.
This said, we are all on our paths of soul evolution, so each one of us will have a different experience as we travel through this potentially significant month.  Hopefully, you and I have done a lot to rid ourselves of “old stuff” that no longer serves us and that we are clear about the direction in which we want to head and what we want to accomplish.  If we have not done the preparation, our progress may be slowed, but it is my belief that we should still find ourselves in an environment that is more supportive of our soul mastery and our ability to manifest on the Earth plane the things that make our lives richer on a material level.  After all, the Number Eight is composed of two circles, the top one representing Heaven and the bottom one representing Earth indicating that as we balance our lives with the spiritual and the material we have the potential to experience “Heaven on Earth!”
Following are brief hints about where you might like to focus your intention this month based on the Personal Month you are transiting.  I’ve purposely made these references abbreviated as it is not my style to tell others what to do or what is going to happen.  I believe that, when given a few clues, you will find your own way in your own time with your own lessons.  All of these directives involve clearing old stuck energy that has been standing in your way of going forward in this lifetime.  (There are other energies to clear as well.  Those named below are related to what you said you came here to learn in this lifetime.)
To determine your Personal Year Number:  

Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a  single digit.  Add this number  to the Number 5 (our Universal Year Number).  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers  to a single digit.  This is  the number of your Personal Year.

If your Personal Year is:
ONE         Issues of personal security and finances
TWO        Change and reinvention
THREE     Beauty, love. abundance and speaking your truth
FOUR      Spiritual attunement
FIVE        Standing up for your beliefs, professional change
SIX          Giving and receiving; leaving the past behind
SEVEN    Starting over
EIGHT     Mastering relationships, inspiring and teaching others
NINE      Patience; changing your perspective; generosity
If you would like more insight into the energies of this month, please e-mail for the link to the 12-12-12 teleseminar hosted by noted astrologer, Kelly Beard.  I am honored to be a guest on the program along with beautifully inspirational angel channeler, Shanta Gabriel.  You will learn more about the secret code of this month's Universal number transits as well as receive personal guidelines from Kelly to utilize as we transit this extraordinary time of transformation.  The teleseminar is taking place on Wednesday, December 5th at 9:00 PM EasternTime and 6:00 PM Pacific Time.  Please e-mail me at for the access numbers to listen live or, if you read this after December 5, 2012 for the replay link.
Angel by Alice Popkorn, Digital Artist
This December, may the force be with you – and may it make your heart sing with joy!

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