Wednesday, October 31, 2012

N-Sights for November 2012


Moon Goddess   Artist:  A. Zampino

If this year were a voyage in a sailboat, November is the month that our boat gets becalmed in the darkness of midnight.   And – as we are enveloped in stillness, we have plenty of time to think about and analyze the circumstances of our lives. 
November 2012 is a Seven Universal Month in a Five Universal Year.  We experienced similar energy in February of this year which was also a Seven Universal Month.  This time, though, there are likely to be more tests to master.  November is an Eleven Month, which offers one of the major testing numbers.  The sun is in Scorpio, the planet of deep transformation – and – to top things off, we officially begin a Mercury retrograde period on November 6 which lasts until November 26th.  The shadow of Mercury retrograde has already begun, and, depending on the source you refer to, the shadow will last one to three weeks beyond its official end.  Those born under the sign of Scorpio (particularly those who were born in November and those who have Scorpio prominent in their astrology charts) are the ones who will most likely experience the energy of this month most deeply.
According to astrologer Kelly Beard (, the Scorpio Gate of Power gets activated now.  She advises that it’s time to check in with our souls and go deeper into the self to eliminate anything truly done with and to prepare for a sacred “rebirth” to take place.  She says, “Scorpio always teaches you about your own Authentic Power and what you are creating with it.”
As illustrations this month I've chosen the moon (symbol of our feminine intuitive self in the forefront this Eleventh month) and water (part of both the Scorpio and the Seven energy).  Think of how sitting in the moonlight by water forces us to use our internal guidance as we are unable to see what is obscured by darkness.  In this way, we hone our skills of perceiving beyond the three dimensional world.
So…back to where I began.  For most of us, this is a month to analyze and evaluate our circumstances and work on eliminating our inner roadblocks rather than forging ahead.  We repeat the Seven energy in January 2013 – but without the Mercury and Scorpio effects, so we’ll be in a better position to at least begin to regain our momentum.
Even our government here in the United States will be becalmed.  No matter the outcome of the Presidential and other elections (and no, I’m not predicting the outcome – too many variables here!) – elected officials as well as individuals and corporations affected by the outcomes will be assessing the results and planning their strategy come the new year.  With perfect synchronicity, the November time period is, indeed, a good time to plan but not act.
Now, considering all the above, life goes on, and some of you may actually be making changes in career, home and relationships this month – although with Mercury retrograde you may find that  further change and adjustments take place down the road.  With regard to any impending change, if your heart says “yes”, follow its lead and know that all is in Divine perfect order.
Following I’ve briefly outlined some possibilities that may manifest for you this month based on your Personal Year Number.   Note that these ideas are far from being all-inclusive as we are all in the process of co-creating different experiences.  Your Personal Year Number is one factor which offers you guidance to planning your life activities and creating positive outcomes.

To determine your Personal Year Number:
Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and  reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number  to the Number 5 (our Universal Year Number).  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers  to a single digit.  This is  the number of your Personal Year.
If your Personal Year is:

If you feel your intended progress is stalled, know that we all deserve a “time out”.  Tune in to your inner child and indulge in your favorite pastimes.

This is an excellent month for deep transformative work, especially where relationships are concerned.  Progress can occur with any health issues you are addressing.  How would you like to restructure your life?  Tune in to your intuition.  The answers await you.
It’s time for constructive change.  While others are paused in their tracks, you are one of those who may move or make a new start with job or lifestyle.
Family and personal relationships are likely to take center stage.  You may feel torn between your own needs and your responsibilities to others.
This is your month for spiritual inspiration and regeneration.  Allow yourself time off to rest and regroup in settings
that sooth and inspire you.  Postpone any desired changes until December or the coming year.
This can be an excellent month for business and personal financial planning.  The key word is “planning.”  Postpone any
action steps until Mercury is well out of retrograde.  The end of December or January 2013 are favorable for initiating desired changes.
This is a time of endings for you.  Let go of everything that’s not working in your life.  Be forgiving of others and practice gratitude.   Use caution and prudence in health and diet matters.  
Conserve your energy and be sure to give yourself extra downtime for relaxation.
A new start is on your horizon.  Although it’s not the time to begin, do the research and preparation to launch your intended changes in 2013.  Visualizing your desired outcomes this month will help you manifest them down the road.
Relationships tests are likely to be unavoidable this month.  What relationships should end?  Which ones need to be more
harmonious?  Remember, teamwork and compromise will get you everywhere!
White Gardenias II    Artist:  Andrea Smith
In conclusion, this is a good month to “be” rather than “do,” tune in to your intuition for guidance, and do what nourishes you spiritually.

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