Sunday, December 30, 2012

N-Sights for 2013


 The beginning of this new year finds many of us in a state of guarded optimism.  We successfully maneuvered our way through last month’s long-awaited portals of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12.  Some claim to feel the fabled “shift” of energy that the two gateways brought.  Others find they are still stuck in life circumstances that appear to be hindering forward progress.  So what can we really expect from 2013?  Will our path be an easier one? 
From a numerology perspective, 2013 is a Number Six Universal Year.  Although the Number Six symbolizes many things, I prefer to summarize the potential of its vibration with the words “love” and “well being.”  As I’ve often noted, the Number Six resembles an abstract Madonna and child.  Indeed, the vibration of Six offers us the potential of all that we aspire to if we are living “Heaven on Earth.”  These things include:  romantic love, harmony with our families and friends, beauty in our home and surroundings, nourishing food, abundant financial supply, schools that offer us not only specialized knowledge but life skills and spiritual truth, effective health care that is both affordable and non-toxic, public safety in our communities and countries, and a legal system that guarantees us justice will be served.
Notice that the above is very utopian and a contrast to the reality of our present time.  Very significant in an unfortunate way is the tragedy of the recent shootings at the Sandy Hook school.  If we take this event as a vibrational symbol of our times, we have this past year’s Five Universal energy colliding with this new year’s Six.  Five’s energy can be chaotic, violent and shocking.  Yet it is often a vibration that alerts us to the truth of our circumstances and paves the way for change and reform. 

The sad event of Sandy Hook, I believe, is a “sign”, if you will, that we must assign ourselves the task of first ensuring our own personal safety, looking under the surface for unseen forces that pose a threat to our well being and then taking steps to eliminate them. 

Collectively we are more accepting of massive violence when it takes place in Third World countries or in the recesses of a crime-ridden inner city.  The outrage of Sandy Hook is that it took place in a locale where all on the surface was safe and peaceful. This is our lesson, in my opinion – to understand that each one of us can not, at this point, take our safety and well being for granted.  As we work individually and collectively to make our lives, our country and our world not only safe, but filled with love, respect and kindness for our fellow humans, we can indeed make great strides in creating the world of our dreams. This coming year gives us that opportunity.

Each one of you will be also working on your own personal theme for the coming year.  Calculate your Personal Year Number using the directions below.  Then scroll down for a few words that capsule the categories your lessons are likely to be comprised of during 2013.
To determine your Personal Year Number:
Add the number representing your month of birth to the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 6 (our Universal Year Number).  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers to a
single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

If your Personal Year is:
ONE  ---- Your lessons involve initiative, leadership, independence, making new starts, and claiming your authentic self.
TWO ---- Your lessons involve relationships, teamwork, cooperation, patience and making choices.
THREE ---- Your lessons involve communication, focus, creativity and staying optimistic.
FOUR  ---- Your lessons involve diligence, prudence, creating financial security, and organization.
FIVE ---- Your lessons involve change, new directions, constructive use of freedom and avoiding excess.
SIX ---- Your lessons involve romantic and family relationships and your responsibilities to others.
SEVEN ---- Your lessons involve spirituality, faith and trust in a higher power.
EIGHT ---- Your lessons involve leadership, endurance and financial management.
NINE ----    Your lessons involve gratitude, aspects of giving and receiving and also tests of character and lessons learned in the past.

Each month throughout this coming year I will be spotlighting the Universal lessons that are offered us and sharing guidance from angels, archangels, ascended masters and other Divine beings as the messages are given to me.  If you would like to have a  preview of my insights for the entire year now, please e-mail me at for information on obtaining your Universal calendar and receiving guidance from a special teleclass I am conducting this January.
In conclusion, I offer this upbeat New Year’s Day song video by Carole King.  Very convincingly she assures us, “Everything’s gonna turn out all right.”
Individually and together we can make our year one of increased love, abundance, beauty and dreams come true.  Let’s get started!

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