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N-Sights for October 2012


Two of Cups - Receptive Love
Those of you who know me and my work know that I believe in being the eternal optimist both personally and with regard to numerology.  In doing numerology forecasts, I prefer to touch on the best possible outcomes and to advise using numerology to plan and time positive life changes. I’m happy to report that the numbers for October 2012 are just about the best that they can be in terms of potential.

October is a Six Universal Month in a Five Universal Month.  As Six symbolizes love, abundance and well being and five symbolizes change, we can use the symbolism to our advantage to welcome loving relationships, family harmony, home beautification, good health and abundance into our lives.
The Number Six also relates to government, civic responsibilities, politics, the media, the legal system and education.  With the forthcoming presidential elections occurring on November 6th, we are likely to see evidence of more people expressing themselves, taking a stand on issues and advocating what they deem to be appropriate change.  Even though this is a “normal” behavior for any pre-election period, the Six vibration is likely to intensify people’s patriotism and desire to speak up and act to support their candidates of choice as well as to campaign for reform.

As I note every year, October is considered “preview month” as it’s Universal Month Number is the same as the Universal Year Number for  2013.  Thus we may be be given hints or see “themes” in the events we encounter in October that are indicators of the experiences that we are destined to have throughout the forthcoming year.
Following I’ve briefly outlined some possibilities that may manifest for you this month based on your Personal Year Number.  Note that these ideas are far from being all-inclusive as we are all in the process of co-creating different experiences.  Your Personal Year Number is one factor which offers you guidance to planning your life activities and creating positive change.

To determine your Personal Year Number:

Add the number representing your month of birth to  the number which represents your day of birth and  reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number  to the Number 5 (our Universal Year Number).  Reduce  the sum of these two numbers  to a single digit.  This is  the number of your Personal Year.

If your Personal Year is:

Relationships take center stage this month as they will during 2013.  Peaceful diplomacy and patience will get you the
results you seek.
Tiernamente    Artist:  Aldo Luongo

Take time off for fun, socializing and adding beauty to your life and surroundings.

Life may get a little more serious and labor intensive than it’s been in the past months.   Review your finances and get a
start on your 2013 budget.  You’ll be ahead of the game next January.  You may find family concerns a priority.
What life changes do you long for?  Make your “wish list” or vision board. The Universe may give you some instructions for
attracting your dreams.
Family Harmony

Changes in home, family, and/or relationships are indicated.  Responsibilities to others may take precedence over
fulfilling your own needs.  It’s also an opportune time to address health issues.
Receive insight and guidance for any family and/or material concerns by seeking answers from your source of spiritual
nourishment.  Take time to be in solitude for rest and reflection.

More Family Harmony
You may experience more energy and stamina now than you have in months!  Your motors are revving up for an action-oriented
year in 2013.

You’ve had a year of effort.  Pull back and put yourself into “coast” position.  Both challenges and rewards may come your
way.  Look for reunions with people from your past.

You’ve gone through a year of letting go of the old.  Now what do you want new in your life?  Make your list to begin the
steps to manifesting in 2013.
Remember to keep your thoughts positive even if you find yourself in challenging circumstances.  May this month of October nourish and support you in abundantly harvesting your dreams!

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