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N-Sights for September 2012


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Here we are!  The momentum’s been building all year leading up to this month of September 2012:  Our Five Universal Month in a Five Universal Year has arrived.  Imagine that you’re on a roller coaster that’s been making a slow ascent up a very steep incline.  Now – here you are – like it or not – ready for the accelerated peaks and valleys of the ride back down.  Fasten your seat belt!  A new journey begins!
Five is a number that gives us swift and unexpected changes and opens us up to new and progressive ideas.  Five can give us the thrill of new and unanticipated romantic and sexual attractions showing up without warning – the "seeing a stranger across a crowded room and suddenly you know" kind of event.  Five can be an accident or event that seems tragic yet points the way to new opportunities and success.  Five is fast and dangerous, loves risk-taking and gambling against the odds.  Five can be explosive devastation or amazing opportunities.  Five flaunts convention and embraces the unusual.  Watch out!  Five can lure us into addictions but also birth us into a new world of freedom and relief.
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The question is:  How is the Number Five going to affect your life this month?  Are you going to wake up one morning and, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, find that you’re not in Kansas any more?
The odds are that very few of you reading this will experience an event that changes your life overnight.  (And life-changing experiences can occur with all the other number vibrations as well.)  However, even if very subtle, I venture that all of you reading this will have “something” different in your life by the time we’ve finished transiting the days of September.  Perhaps you already have an idea what that can be.  If not, here are some guidelines for you to peruse.  First, though, you need to determine the number of your Personal Year which always has its peak energy during September.

To determine your Personal Year Number:

Add the number representing your month of birth to the number which represents your day of birth and reduce this number to a single digit.  Add this number to the Number 5 (our Universal Year Number).  Reduce the sum of these two numbers  to a single digit.  This is the number of your Personal Year.

Following I’ve briefly outlined some possibilities that may manifest for you this month… (Note:  I’m offering what I deem to be pleasant and positive outcomes --best to focus on these!)
If your Personal Year is:

A whole new “life makeover” is in the charts for you.  If you have a yen to start over, this is your time! You’re starting a new nine-year cycle of experience.

A change in relationships, a change in career, a move – one or more are likely for you this month.

Time to create a “new image” for yourself and your surroundings.  Shopping,  socializing, and travel can be energizing as well as trips to the spa.  Watch overspending and overindulging, however!

It's likely you may seek change in your life, but feel "locked in" to your current circumstances.  Take heart!  By month's end and throughout next month, you can see some light at the end of the tunnel and gain some insights into how you can move forward.

If you can avoid change this month, you must have your feet stuck in quicksand or Super Glue® -- either that, or fear of change is keeping you in a holding pattern.   You have the wind at your back.  Take a leap and go for your dreams!

Relationships take center stage – romantic, marital, family, professional and personal.  Any rough edges need smoothing over – or – it’s on to a new pastures.  This is also an excellent time to move, buy and sell real estate as well as  decorate and remodel your home.

Get away from it all this month and take time in solitude to meditate and envision the changes you’d like in your life.  Travel to new destinations can be especially revitalizing, especially if they are near mountains or water.

Changes in your financial flow are apt to occur this month.  These can arrive via job changes, investments and financial planning, legal settlements and inheritance – or simply good  fortune arriving at your doorstep.

This is a month of endings and closure – releasing all you no longer need.  Say farewell and welcome the new future that awaits you in 2013.

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In conclusion, may the energies of September bestow you with life upgrades that bring joy to your heart. 

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