Monday, July 30, 2012

N-Sights for August 2012


“The secret to a happy life is to realize that no matter what the situation, there’s a creative opportunity in it.”    -- Deepak Chopra
To those of you who have been praying for change in your life, August 2012 will likely position you to be on the brink of moving forward.  To anyone who has been enjoying the “status quo”, it is highly probable that you’ll receive guidance that a part of your life is about to shift to a different experience.  Let’s first look at the message of the Universal numbers that usher in August.

August 2012 is a Universal Four Month in a Universal Five Year.   August is the eighth month of the year, and its numeric symbol is Eight.  I invite you to meditate on the messages of each of these three numbers – Four, Five and Eight – and determine what conclusion you draw about their vibrational influence on our lives.

 Four  = Financial Security, Investments, Banking
 Five   = Change, Rebirth, Reinvention
 Eight = Large Corporations, Money, Power, Justice

Are you getting a picture of the types of changes that might be arriving?

From my study of numerology over the years I’ve learned that 4 and 8 in combination always indicate issues regarding money and material well being.  Four and Eight in combination with Five always indicate change.

Thus there is indication that the beginning of major shifts in the economy will begin to be seen in August in the way that cracks in the foundation of a building are indicators that the structure may collapse unless remedial action is taken.

Please know that I am a numerologist, Angel Therapist ®, and intuitive guide.  I do not consider myself to be a seer or psychic.  We can’t deny, however, that prominent economists and financial analysts along with leading metaphysical and spiritual leaders are all predicting that major changes in how commerce and banking are handled on an international level are inevitable. 

Those who are spiritually oriented see this trend as the fall of the patriarchal system of conducting business that has been predominant over the last five thousand years and which has fostered tyranny and greed as the prevailing modalities to amass what has been believed to be a finite supply of wealth.

Whatever your belief system, who (except the patriarchal proponents) can argue that a better, more equitable and stable way of endowing ourselves with material wealth that has unlimited potential for all people would be a desirable alternative?  I believe from August and going forward we will have an acceleration of “economic correction factors” that will ultimately result in the above method that insures financial well being for each individual and each nation.

The changes that can bring about just and healthy economic practices among the world’s people can be perceived as
“calamity” or “correction.”

If you view changes as “calamity” you can easily get caught up in fearful thoughts that, collectively speaking, can manifest a “worst case” scenario. Those who see change as bringing us ultimately into an abundant and stable world as I do can help create that reality by viewing change as constructive even if at times inconvenient and forcing uncomfortable restrictions.

Since essentially my own work with clients and my forecasts address ways that you as individuals can create lives that are filled with more peace, love, contentment and fulfillment, I’ll leave behind the “big picture language of numbers” and offer ways that each of us can use the energies of August in the most productive way. I believe that, as everything has polarity, maintaining only the most optimistic outlook can help create the reality that corresponds in your own life as well as for the collective whole.

Bear in mind that the Number Four also relates to diet and physical well being as well as your home and factors that contribute to its being a secure and nurturing haven.

Four demands effort and discipline, one of the many lessons we are here to master. This month, especially, it is an auspicious time to use positive thoughts and visualization along with other support specialists to create:

 Shifts in Your Financial Situation
 Shifts in Your Livelihood
 Shifts in Your Home Situation
 Shifts in Your Physical Well Being

Fear-based thoughts, not events, are your enemy.  If you are open to asking for assistance from non-physical support energies such as angels, ascended masters and Divine beings from ancient cultures, by all means call on them.

Archangel Michael, especially, is available to help you overcome fear and be courageous as well as help in procuring everything you need.  Here are some other resources from the realms of Spirit to call on for assistance. They are non-denominational, so feel free to call on them in ways that are compatible with your spiritual belief system.

Divine beings to help with finances:
 Archangel Ariel

Divine beings to help with health and diet:
 Archangel Raphael

Divine beings to help with career:
 Archangel Chamuel
 Archangel Michael

Divine beings to help clear your home of negative energies:
 Archangel Jophiel
 Kuan Yin

Remember, as you take constructive steps to make your life healthy and abundant and filled with loving relationships, you help all of us and the world to achieve the same.  The work you do this month will hold you in good stead as the winds of change arrive with full force in September.

What if this money tree were real?  Imagine that it is.
How would your life change?

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