Tuesday, June 26, 2012

N-Sights for July 2012


“In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......”
This excerpt from the 1988 popular song by Bobby McFerrin, Jr. makes an appropriate theme song not only for our month of July 2012 but also an ongoing motto as we continue our life journey.

This month we are transiting the Universal Number Three – the number of joy, optimism and creative expression.  Although all numbers have a polarity of desirable and opposing characteristics connected to them, the Number Three is one that I regard in its highest potential as being the “goodie” number, the one that is the icing on the cake. 

The color associated with Three is yellow, the color of sunlight.  Thus, it is an especially good month to focus on developing and maintaining a “sunny”, optimistic attitude, even if the events of your life seem to be on the gloomy side.  If you’re like me, you’re receiving multiple messages from spiritual sages telling us that it’s time to choose to be happy regardless of what is going on in our physical, 3-D world.  And practicing being happy “no matter what” can be easier with Three’s energy vibrating throughout this July. 
Accompanying Three this month we have first of all, the Seven, the month number for July which corresponds with spiritual quests, seeking answers, rest and recuperation, as well as communion with nature and environments with water and/or

Our Universal Year number of Five invites us to reinvent ourselves and seek out new horizons and unconventional pathways.


First and foremost, for almost everyone, this is NOT the month to get down to work with your career, your finances, your housekeeping, your diet, your fitness, or any other kind of routine maintenance.  July (at least in the Northern hemisphere) is typically a vacation month anyway.  (Calendar-wise, it’s always a Seven month.) 

This is a time to be lazy, introspective, and/or creative and social.  Travel to new destinations, pamper yourself, read a book, plan fun events with friends and loved ones, indulge your inner child, dance, play music, laugh, play with children and pets or – just chill out as much as you can.  The Three, the Seven and the Five are numbers that encourage us to “do our own thing” when and where we want to.  So you have my permission to cut yourself some slack this month and get by with the minimum effort you need to meet your ongoing responsibilities.  Instead, tune in to your heartspace and indulge in whatever “treats” your heart tells you will bring you joy.

The above is especially true if there are life circumstances that are in any way troubling.  It is during these times that we are most in need of having our spirits lifted – and doing so often gives us the stamina, insights and optimism to master our challenges.


There’s another equally valid reason to step back from our routines and projects this month:  the planet Mercury officially goes retrograde from July 14th through August 7th.  We will be feeling the effects of this retrograde period as early as the first of the month as the transition begins.

Because of the Three, Seven and Five vibrations in play, I predict that Mercury is likely to offer more pranks and glitches affecting travel, electronics and communication than we would normally find during other Mercury retrograde time periods.  ---All the more reason we should strive to master accepting the “what is” of things and keep our sense of humor alive. 

In addition, astrologers tell us that during a Mercury retrograde period we are better off revising and finishing projects already underway than beginning anything new.  To take a constructive stance, a Mercury retrograde time period can be productive for inner work, evaluating what’s working in your life and what is not.


These behaviors, which always hold us in good stead, are especially appropriate to assist us in transiting the energies of July:
  • Keep your thoughts positive.  
  • Practice gratitude and focus on seeing  your glass as half full.
  • Make a point to surround yourself with  positive, upbeat, fun-loving people. 
  • Tune out negative people and criticism – as well as any
    negative self-talk that crops up.
  • Schedule time to do your “favorite things”, whatever they may be.
  • Seek out uplifting “good news” and laughter on a daily basis.
Optimism never goes out of style.  "See the light", smile and have a happy July.

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