Thursday, May 31, 2012

N-Sights for June 2012


Goddess Power     Artist:  Josephine Wall

What can we expect in the way of Universal energies this month of June 2012?  Imagine that there is a beautiful goddess guiding you to create more peace, love and harmony in your life.  What does she look like?  What is she wearing?  What does she advise you to do? 

This month we have the greatly magnified energy of the Divine feminine  available for all of us to access.  This beautiful vibration can assist us to make improvements in our lives that can take us to the new destinations we seek.  That’s because the dominant Universal energy for June is Two, the number of our millennium and the number of female energy. 

What does this mean for you?  Each one of us is traveling our own individual path as well as the collective journey.  The energy of the goddess is one that we can call on to create life changes that can bring us beauty, harmonious relationships and inner peace if we know how to harness “goddess power” in a constructive way.

Artist:  Josephine Wall
For many of us, relationship issues will be priority.  That’s because we are not only in a Universal Two Month ( when partnerships are in the spotlight,) it is also the month of June.  What’s so special about June you ask?  It’s no accident that June triggers thoughts of brides and wedding bells.  June is the Sixth month of the year.  The number Six stands for romantic love,  and in traditional Tarot cards, Six is the number of “the lovers.”.  So expect issues of romantic partnering to be what many are likely to experience beyond what would be average happenstance.  

And – for those of you who love cosmic coincidences as much as I do (everything’s connected!), here are some more…..Astrologers tell us that Venus (the goddess of love and beauty) is retrograde this month, forcing us to analyze our partnerships and find the course corrections and healing that will bring closure or resolution to past heartbreak. 

One astrology resource mentions that the forthcoming June 4th lunar eclipse followed on June 5th by a rare Venus transit across the face of the sun was viewed by the ancient Mayans as a sign of the ancient goddess power reawakening on the planet.  (This transit will not occur again until 2117!)

Moon Goddess    Artist:  Josephine Wall
In addition, the sun is in the sign of Gemini, the twins, symbols of duality --and there’s that number Two again!  So, it seems, that this month we will  be reexamining the relationships in our lives, romantic and otherwise, past and present, and seeking guidance to heal our hurts and go forward being able to open ourselves to more love and nourishment in the relationships we choose.

Although healing romantic issues may be the major issue for many, I believe that all types of relationships are likely to be tested during this month.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if we consider that it’s an opportune time to figure out what’s not working and make the appropriate changes  -- and only you will know what changes are appropriate for you personally.  Some will be called to end their relationships and others will renegotiate and strengthen theirs.  Tune in to your heart space, and you’ll know the choice that’s best for you.

Legal issues and settlements are another strong possibility for many this month along with buying and selling of property, career changes and moving to a new residence.  The Number Two encourages justice and fairness which, of course, is what we universally seek in any kind of negotiation and resolution.

Libra      Artist:  Josephine Wall
Regardless of what is happening in your life, here are some “quick tips” for creating happy outcomes. When the Two vibration is dominant, all of us can find that we are more sensitive to slights and criticism and/or quick to respond to upsets with heightened emotions.  Whether you are male or female, you can use goddess energy to bring peace and calm to any situation if you remember to:

 Use tact and diplomacy in all your dealings.

 Seek fair and just outcomes.

 Be kind and considerate. 

 Be non-judgmental.

 Be forgiving.

 Be accepting of all that happens that is beyond your control.

 Know that any losses can open the door to future gain.

 Tune in to your intuition to guide you to choices you are confronting.

 Send love to every person and situation that you find
 challenging or annoying.

 Surround yourself with beauty

 Remember to treat yourself with kindness and love.
Spirit Flight               Artist:  Josephine Wall
This month and always, may you be guided to  attract peace, love, beauty and harmony into your life.

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