Monday, April 30, 2012

N-Sights for May 2012


“If you’re still looking for a happy ending, I suggest you start looking for a new beginning.”        Anonymous                                

Well, here we are at a “new beginning” month!  May 2012 is a Number One Universal Month in a Five Universal Year. 

Each year we transit a Universal One Month (sometimes more than once) which supports us in making new starts collectively.  What is significant for this May is that we are in a Five Universal Year signaling change and rebirth, and May is referred to as “Five” when we write the month using numbers only.  So all three numbers influencing us this month are unanimous in pointing us to new horizons.

Although each one of you reading this is in the middle of transiting your own personal number cycles, we have received a collective call that the signal flag has been lowered, and we are out of the starting gate and onto the speedway beginning our new journey.

One thing to bear in mind:  In our continuing journey through our lives, One is just the beginning.  It reflects a starting point, like the start of chapter one in a book.   This chapter will not be complete until next September when we transit a Five Universal Month in a Five Universal Year.  This means that things begun now are more likely to rev up and become fully activated in September.

Whenever I write about the number One, I find that there is less to say about this number’s possibilities.  Look at the number.  “One” is a straight vertical line.  It is the most uncomplicated of all the numbers. It is a number that initiates and activates – but we need other numbers to direct us to achieving the results we seek.

If you have One or Five strong in your personal numerology chart as a core number, cycle number or birthday number – or if you are transiting a One or Five Personal Year, the impact of the Number One is more likely to affect your life directly at this time.

Bear in mind that the overall energies of One and Five are strong and volatile as last month’s numbers were as well.  Therefore, even if you feel you are confronted by the equivalent of gale-force winds, it is all that more important to be cautious and prudent when taking action on the affairs over which you do have control.  One and Five can make us want to act impulsively and often without thinking things through.  Be sure that all changes are thought out in advance.  Review your plans with others for possible flaws.

One and Five can change your life overnight with sudden events that are unanticipated.  In this case, your only option is to go with the flow and trust that you are being directed to new situations that are healthier for you  -- or life lessons that (in retrospect) you will come to understand and value.

Remember, you are at the start of the race, and in this one, the tortoise can have an advantage over the hare.  Listen to your heart, and you’ll be told where to head and how to get there.  Be sure to go at your own pace (unless the reins of your chariot are attached to wild stallions.)  In that case, just hang on and pray!

Happy changes!

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