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N-Sights for April 2012


Astrologers tell us we began a new astrological year as the sun entered the sign of Aries on March 20th.  In the Northern Hemisphere the solstice just ushered in the beginning of Spring.  So is the science of numbers in sync with this cycle of new beginnings?

Actually – the answer is – not quite – at least not this year.  You’ll have to wait until 2013 for this to happen.  But this is a very powerful and fertile time for us to create new lives for ourselves filled with passion and beauty -- even if we have yet to be able to envision all the details and know how they will come about.   I’ve chosen a rose theme for this month in keeping with our Nine Universal Month and symbolizing the magnificence we all possess when we allow our true nature to unfurl to its highest potential.

In the cycle of Universal numbers,  the arrival of April signals the beginning of the end – not in apocalyptic terms, but in terms of April being a Nine Universal Month and therefore a month of closure and endings.  As we travel through the month, we are being prepared for a new cycle to begin in May.

As April is our fourth month of the calendar year, and we are in a Five Universal Year ( 2 + 0 + 1 + 2  = 5), we are influenced by the sum of these two numbers:  4 + 5  =  9.  We can also look at the word symbolism for the two numbers.  Four symbolizes structure.  Five symbolizes change.  Thus we can see that with the two numbers combined, we receive a message of “change in structure”.  Each one of you is going through your own personal energy transits; however, collectively, we are going through a time of shifts and endings this month which will culminate with us all in the driver’s seat ready to begin a new journey when May comes around.

As Five is considered a number of potential volatility and Nine is “endings”, we may see a number of “changes in structure” for our Earth and our environments this month.  Earth changes are ongoing, but this year particularly, we may see an even higher number of them.  On the other hand, if you are looking to change the structure of your own life, your timing couldn’t be more perfect!

                                                   Roses Are Red 2  - Christine E, Striemer

Here are some ways that you, personally, can make this month both constructive and full of potential rewards:


This is a month to finish projects, and clear the debris out of your life literally and figuratively.  If this sounds like dreary work, it needn’t be if you focus on the vision of the new things you'd like to introduce into your life and what a good feeling it's going to be to clear out the things that are drains on your energy and well being.


You may also find that people and possessions leave your life on their own.  I recently had to say good-bye to two favorite things that had been part of my life for a very long time:  a fused glass butterfly necklace that I had received as a gift and worn as a talisman for years suddenly got shattered.  My beloved bracelet watch that I’d had for 25 years suddenly disappeared due to a suspected defective clasp.   I know that even if I’m unable to duplicate these items, that I can now anticipate the fun of seeking out replacements. –And I also sent prayers that my watch would end up with a new owner who would enjoy it as much as I did.


Nine connects us with our past.  I just heard from a high school classmate that I had last seen at our graduation more years ago than I will reveal.  She mentioned that there was going to be a reunion lunch for all from our class who (unknown to me previously) were now living in Arizona.  Coincidence or not, it appears that I’ll be connecting with my past this month.   It can also be an opportune time to seek out someone from your past with whom you'd like to reconnect.


Nine is a number that symbolizes Universal love.  It is a number of philanthropy and generosity.  In addition to asking us to give from our hearts to the people and causes we believe in, Nine also asks us to receive with gratitude and offers us unexpected blessings, often in the way of gifts and good fortune.


Treat yourself to an art exhibit, museum, play or concert.  Nine is aligned with beauty and the arts.  It’s an ideal time to allow your soul to be uplifted through the visual arts, drama or music or revisiting the past at a museum.

                                                    Red Rose Bouquet - Kathy Yates


Forgiveness rituals are always therapeutic and can be especially  appropriate now.


In the everyday hustle and bustle of our lives, we often neglect to give thanks for all the blessings and conveniences that make our lives easier throughout each of our  days.  This message is a little reminder to stop and give thanks for all the good in your life and extend appreciation to all the people who make your life brighter.  They will be grateful for your words!

In closing, here’s a brief video that displays the magic of three roses going from bud to bloom, symbolic of the holy trinity of love  --  body, mind and spirit.  As you watch, imagine your life blooming with passion, love and joy.

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