Saturday, December 3, 2011

N-Sights for December 2011


I recall a greeting card that said, “Go toward the light – and leave the darkness behind you.”  These words can serve as an appropriate theme for this month of December, a number Seven Month in a Universal Four Year.

Seven is a number which offers us “illumination” – insights into our selves, insights into others,  insights into other dimensions, other realms, and the Divine mysteries of life.

December is month that traditionally invites us to focus on holiday feasting, gifts and merriment.  Although these are all things that indeed can bring joy to our hearts, the Seven vibration of this year of 2011 suggests that at least part of the time we choose a more solitary path and instead focus inward and upward toward cosmic enlightenment. 

Celebrating “simple abundance”, to use the term of author Sarah Ban Breathnach, can bring us into synchronicity with the Seven and its own gifts of spiritual attunement. So this month I offer you simplicity even in this message which is intended to be brief and to the point.  By asking how you can keep the season blessed with the richness of simplicity, you can attract the gifts of peace and contentment that add new dimension to your memories of this special time of year.

Seven can represent that which is hidden – but it also represents “illumination” and comfort that comes from the non-material world.  The symbols of the season that are part of our holiday traditions also offer us symbols of illumination….

The star of Bethlehem is a Christian symbol of the birth of Christ and the illumination he was to bring to the world.

We have the lighted menorah, often used as a symbol for the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, commemorating the “Miracle of Lights”. Some sources say that the menorah is a symbol of light that can reach even the darkest of places as well as a symbol of progression and renewal.

The Yule Log dates back to ancient times in the British Isles when the Druids lit the log at the Winter Solstice to celebrate, at the time daylight began to lengthen once again, a victory of light over darkness and the beginning of a new cycle of light, growth and life.

So during this month when we are easily caught up in the accelerated pace of the holidays, when our “to do” lists keep multiplying and we rush to stay on top of everything so that we can “enjoy” what we are supposed to be celebrating, it may serve you to set aside some moments for solitude.  Light a candle, dim the lights, stare at the flame and inwardly ask what message the light has for you.  Whether an answer arrives then – or down the road, you will have gifted yourself with the gift of peace and stillness and illumination in a literal sense. 

In closing, there is another light that may show up for the many who have been going through challenging times.  It’s called “the light at the end of the tunnel”.  The year 2012 is just ahead and it brings for all of us a time of birth and rebirth.  Stay tuned for more tidings at the end of this month.

Be light
Give light
Share the light
Whatever you do, may you have a light-filled month!

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. ~ Desiderius Erasmus

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