Saturday, December 31, 2011

N-Sights for 2012



"For there's a change in the weather
There's a change in the sea
So from now on there'll be a change in me.
My walk will be different, my talk and my name.
Nothin' about me is goin' to be the same.
I'm going to change my way of livin',
if that ain't enough,
Then I'll change the way that I strut my stuff..."

In a nutshell, the lyrics from this old song can be instructive for us in 2012 as our Earth takes on the vibration of a Five Universal Year.

Going beyond these lyrics, what can I or anyone predict for the year ahead?

Very little, I believe, because...

Guess what?  Five is the number of unpredictability!

For any of you who think you've been stuck in a rut, be prepared for this phase of your life to end.

The number Five represents:

     Birth, fertility and the
       sexual principle
     Action and energy
     Curiosity and investigation
     New ideas and inventions
     Love of freedom
     New and unusual ventures
     International activities
     Drama, excitement and
     The unconventional and daring

Add to the above, these possibilities....

Temper and criticism
Radicalism and rebelliousness
Impatience and impulsiveness
Unusual and unpredictable events
Chaos and upheaval

Quite a mix there, wouldn't you say?

The only certainty for 2012 is CHANGE...

Will you be passive and wait for change to happen to you?

Or.. do you choose to take advantage of what can be an auspicious time to take action to manifest change in your life?  Five supports optimism and courage as well as timidity and fear.  Personally, I believe that if you are motivated to make changes that are authentic and from your heart, Five supports you in achieving your goals.  Even in the case of so-called "negative" events, we all know of countless times these have ended up being a catalyst and blessing in disguise for those who encounter them.


    This year, especially, can be good for changing relation-
    ships and residences as well as freeing yourself from ties
    to the past and starting over.

    You have all year to change, so don't think you have to do
    it right now in one fell swoop.  The Five energy is at its
    peak in September if you are planning ahead.


    This January, the first month of our new year, is a Six
    Universal Month.  It can be a good time to initiate changes that increase your well being.  These can include:

    --Changing, improving, or leaving relationships, be they
    family or romantic.

    --Taking steps to improve your health.

    --Changes in your home, such as remodeling or

    --  Legal matters, especially regarding relationships.

    Some critical steps involved in making your desired
    changes include:

    --Determining and defining what outcomes you desire.

    --Defining the steps and strategy that can take you to
    your desired outcomes.

    --Uncovering what, if anything, is blocking you from taking action and/or having what you want.  (This can be your most critical challenge to master, especially if there are subconscious programs and belief systems in place that you are not aware of.)

    --Finding methods to remove all the obstacles in your way, both external and internal.

    However daunting your path may seem, remember, this year the wind is more likely to be at your back.  -- And don't forget to enjoy your journey.  It can end up being as much fun as your destination!



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