Monday, October 31, 2011

N-Sights for November 2011


Norman Rockwell, Artist

This November we are transiting a Universal Six month in a Universal Four year.  Six represents our material world and all the things that contribute to our well-being:  love (romantic and otherwise), home, family, friends, food, comfort, health, safety, education, beauty and abundance.   Four also represents safety and security through material supply and the shelters or safe havens we create for ourselves.

Any time we have the Numbers Six and Four in combination, it represents a good time to focus on the health of our relationships with spouses, partners, parents, children, relatives and friends.  As we have the Thanksgiving holiday on November 24th here in the United States, the Universal numbers align perfectly with the holiday traditions of family reunions where we are sometimes forced to confront relationships that are less than our ideal.  But what a perfect time to focus on healing these!

From my experience in my own life and from those of friends and colleagues, it is my observation that our relationships offer us a perfect mirror of what needs healing in our own lives.  Thus this month is an opportune time to examine where we are uncomfortable in our relationships and meditate on what the experiences of our relationship(s) indicate for us to heal.  

The point of this essay is not to go into “healing methods” (of which there are many that are laudable and effective), but to suggest 1) that timing can be good to find methods to heal relationships that are in any way painful or dysfunctional and 2) that it is an auspicious time  to be asking/praying in any way that feels comfortable for you to be provided guidance and insights to manifest your desired relationship outcomes --- either that the people involved leave your life or that you are able to realize more mutual respect and rapport.  Then --  “give thanks” that it is done!

And – if all your relationships are enriching ones, you are especially blessed.  Congratulate yourself for manifesting the great supportive people in your life – and give thanks for all of them.  (They will definitely appreciate any acknowledgment of their value you are called to offer as well.)

In addition to Thanksgiving, another significant day this month is November 11th.  As the date is typically written numerically --  11-11-11  --  we are offered a triple gateway in symbolic form.  Eleven is considered a “master number”, and indeed, there exist myriad interpretations of this number’s significance. 

Faith Javane in her book, Master Numbers, quotes Pythagoras as saying:  “Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings.”  She then goes on to say, “When the forces of the Eleven become fully operative in people, they have the power to change their environments, to create new conditions, to build new bodies and new lives…”

Eleven also offers us increased light and lightness.  So, our coming date of 11-11-11 offers us a powerful portal to manifest life improvements as well as to upgrade our human “operating systems” so to speak.

Technically, the date, 11-11-2011, actually adds up to “8” – but, of course, we know the Number Eight to be the number of mastery and soul expansion  -- Divine synchronicity by all means!                                                                                                    
I personally believe it unrealistic to expect that, after transiting the 11-11-11 portal, your life will dramatically change the next day.  It would be great if you won the lottery, met your soul mate, found the career of your dreams, healed  from a long-term health condition, or had some other miraculous event suddenly show up.  However, the portal of 11-11-11 does offer us an energetic opportunity to respond to the events of our lives with less stress and to be able to move confidently into our next level of consciousness.

If you elected to read this forecast, you are part of a collective group  who are working on perfecting your souls’ path in this incarnation through an understanding of Universal laws of the vibrational field.  You are also here to help bring healing and enlightenment to the planet through your own advancement and through your interactions with others.  There are collective “lessons” that many are working on right now (myself included!)

Some of our major lesson themes are: 
*****To connect with your heart wisdom and discern the identity which is authentic only to you. In so doing you disconnect from the control of the ego self which directs you to act based on values and dictates that have been learned and inherited from cultural associations and belief systems that have existed for thousands of years. (Wayne Dyer calls this process of ego detachment getting out of “ordinary” consciousness.)

Daniel B Holeman, Artist,

*****To be accepting and non-judgmental of yourself and others.
*****To be forgiving of yourself and others.
*****To develop the courage to let go of fear and its power over you.
*****To learn the power of thought and word in manifesting desired outcomes.
*****To overcome the belief in lack and scarcity.
*****To overcome allowing yourself to be a victim.
*****To communicate honestly and create boundaries without fearing criticism and rejection from others.
*****To learn to live fully in the present moment without dwelling on past hurts and fears for the future.
*****To learn that your first priority is to clear all barriers that prevent you from unconditonally loving and honoring yourself as you are in each moment.

Rassouli, Artist
While listening to a teleclass offered by metaphysical leader, Jo Dunning, recently, she mentioned that as we open ourselves to accept more light into our lives, we then put ourselves in a position to light the pathway for all those we encounter going forward. This applies to everyone we meet up with on a daily basis, even if your interaction with them is brief – the grocery store checker, the waiter in the restaurant, the appliance repair person, the people you sit next to at the sporting event --- and on and on. Just by being “enlightened” you, you are helping the rest of us lead a better life. How cool is that?
This month may you be a significant light for others and a receiver of the enlightenment they offer you in return! And may Thanksgiving find you surrounded by family and friends in beauty, peace, harmony and prosperity.

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