Wednesday, February 1, 2012

N-Sights for February 2012


 FLY    Deborah Hill, Artist
Some of you inquired about why I discontinued my tradition of offering  personalized written forecasts at the start of the new year.  The truth of the matter is that my heart was not in it – and, in offering my services, I choose to offer only the types of programs that I enjoy researching and compiling.  This year I felt an energy shift that told me that there was more value in each one of us becoming empowered to create our own futures as we desire them to be.

Do any of the rest of you sense that we are in a new time/place/space?  Do you feel as I do that what we’ve always done isn’t going to cut it any more?

SET SAIL   Deborah Hill, Artist

The good news is, if you follow any of the spiritual leaders that I do, we now have the opportunity to more consciously create our reality in a way that brings us love, health, peace, joy, financial freedom and matching lifestyles free of past stresses, lack, fears, guilt and shame.

However, the question I ask is:  Are we immediately able to procure all the good things of life that are supposedly easier to access?

Personally, I don’t think so.  I believe it is absolutely possible to dramatically improve the quality of our lives much more quickly and easily than in the past.  However, I think we have to learn how to do the “conscious creating”.  If it is true that we are now being “rewired” to access higher wisdom and manifesting skills, then I believe we have to learn how to use our new equipment.  Just as toddlers learn to walk with a number of tumbles before they truly get the hang of it and graduate to running, skipping, hopping and jumping, we need to learn how to develop our potential for mastering manifesting.

BUTTERFLY DREAMS   Deborah Hill, Artist

February 2012 is a Universal Seven month.  As Seven is the number of envisioning, it stands to reason that we are supported this month in figuring out what it is that we actually desire to create.   This is not a month of action as much as it is a month of preparation.  There will be big opportunities for change for all of us arriving at the end of April and the beginning of May and continuing through September and October.  So are you ready to get ready?

For many of you, this can be an excellent month for a ‘life review” –   setting aside time for envisioning yourself in your “ideal” life with regard to health, career or path of service, relationships, money, home, recreation and spirituality. 

An exercise that can help you claify your goals, if you are called to do it, is the following:  Set aside a piece of paper for each life category listed in the previous paragraph.  Divide each piece of paper into two columns.   On the left column of the paper, write at the top “Ideal for Me”;  at the top of the right column write “Current Reality for Me”.  Then assess how far away you are from achieving your aspirations.  Who knows?  You might find that for some of the categories you are actually where you want to be!  --Or at least closer than you thought.

THE CREATION   Deborah Hill, Artist

Next, determine what might be standing in the way of your achieving your ideal circumstances.  This can be tricky because…if you are like most people, you inherited and/or acquired behavior patterns, beliefs and fears that stand between you and having what you want.  If you write that it's "lack of money" that prevents you from having what you desire, this can be one of your "false beliefs" even if your bank account balance is exceedingly low.

Fortunately, at this point in time, there is much support from many different resources that can assist you in accessing and overcoming the “hidden barriers” to your living a life that brings you not only contentment but also allows you to fulfill your highest potentials during your soul journey in human form on the planet.

Am I offering you “solutions” in this article?  No – I am not…However, I am envisioning ways that we can support each other in learning how to overcome past programming and blocks and use our new manifesting equipment for our empowerment and mastery. I have some ideas that you will be hearing about.  And, by the way, as a “student  of life”, I’m going to be doing my own list.  Shall we compare notes down the road?  Stay tuned!

STEP SOFTLY INTO LIFE    Deborah Hill, Artist

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