Sunday, July 31, 2011

N-Sights for August 2011


This month our dominant Personal Month number is Three, the number of optimism, creative expression, laughter and play. At least these are the characteristics that can be considered among the most positive and uplifting for the number Three.

This is the only month of 2011 when Three makes its appearance – and it shows up right smack dab in the midst of two “heavyweight” numbers -- Four, our Universal Year number – and Eight, our calendar month number for August. In a traditional numerology context, Four and Eight are essentially all about work and money, along with keep your nose to the grindstone and get the job done and no monkey business directives.

Three arriving in the midst of these very serious, labor intensive numbers is like bringing a group of lively three-year old children to the office the day the company bigwigs have set aside to evaluate and revamp their corporate financial structure. What a set of opposing energies!

What’s to be done? If you ignore the children, everyone’s going to get cranky. Maybe it’s time to just take time out, lighten up, play and laugh.

…That’s what I’m recommending for you at any rate. The energies of September promise to be intense. Take advantage of this month’s vibrations to cut yourself some slack and indulge in your favorite things – rest, play, laugh, dance. Indulge your creative instincts – write poetry, paint, do crafts, sing, play an instrument. Go to plays, art exhibits, concerts, have a barbecue, play games, roll in the grass and look at the clouds. Let your inner child out for a good romp!

Even if your own life is in the midst of some heavy duty turmoil, taking time off to play, even if only briefly, can have enormous therapeutic benefits, not only for yourself, but for those with whom you live and work. And, if you subscribe, as I do, that your own mood contributes to mass conciousness, your taking the time to nurture your inner child and bring joy to your soul will have an impact on the prevailing universal energies. I’m thinking out loud as I write, but what would it be like if we had regular “joy breaks” mandated for everyone? I think that would definitely help shift the energy on the planet to an extent where our quality of life would be amazingly improved.

Astrologer Kelly Beard made some synchronistic observations in her Cosmic Switchboard audios regarding the Mercury retrograde time period which is fully active from August 3rd to August 26th. She noted that Mercury rules words, music and rhythm with a focus on love, creativity and change from the inside out during this Leo time period. She also pointed out that the “child” energy will be prevalent and can show up two ways:  either as being “childish” (which is the ego pouting when it can’t have its way) or “child-like” which is being centered and connected to your heart and what brings you authentic joy.

She advised that it was a very good time for us to focus on healing any dichotomy between our hearts and our minds. This is essentially saying that the “3” energy which is an energy of love can heal the serious, more mental and potentially egocentric aspects of the “4” and the “8” which, as I mentioned previously, are also part of the month’s numeric influences this month.

If you’d like a therapeutic way to begin this month with an energy attunement complete with some beautiful music and visuals, invest a little under four minutes to view this Awakening of the Cosmic Heart video that invites you to bring healing energies to humanity and the world through the simple act of connecting with the Divine essence of your own being.

The bottom line: Self-love, self-care, play and generosity of spirit can brighten your month and bring joy and light to your surroundings and the planet. For me, that’s a bottom line that no one can argue with!

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