Wednesday, August 31, 2011

N-Sights for September 2011


Like it or not, this September we will, individually and collectively have our alarm clocks sound, signaling that it’s time to go to work and repair whatever needs fixing in our lives.  Will we get it all done this month?  Absolutely not – but, like having a faucet that springs a leak, (and maybe signals a whole kitchen renovation) we won’t be able to avoid confronting the truth of our circumstances and planning our repair strategy.

September 2011 is a Universal Four Month in a Universal Four Year. There is a “Universal” aspect to the number we use to symbolize September – the Number Nine which resonates to humanity as well as tests, endings and conclusions.

By my own calculations, the compound number for this month is the master number “40”.  (Note:  Some numerologists will not agree with this.)  In doing research for the number “40”, I encountered this cryptic message from Faith Javane in her book, Master Numbers:

     UNIVERSAL       HARMONY        MASTER       AWAKENING     

All the above words individually add up to "40" using Pythagorean numerology. What does this mean?  I don’t pretend to be a psychic or a seer, just one who interprets symbolism.   One way I interpret this is that, as Four represents “structure”, “health” and “security”, we can expect to be clearly presented with anything that is faulty in our individual and collective structures.  This especially applies to soundness in:

Home     Health     Business     Finances     Environment/Ecology

Those of you who know me know that I am opposed to deliberately generating any kind of scary predictions that can result in fear.  That is definitely not my objective in writing this forecast. 

During the 2011 Forecast Teleclass that I did with astrologer Katherine Metcalf in January of this year, Katherine mentioned that there was a Uranus transit that, among other things, could result in angry protests, government upheavals and and changes in world economies.  She remarked that the likelihood of these things happening was intensified in September 2011.

Feng Shui consultant, Marina Lighthouse, remarked in her latest newsletter:  “An overall pattern in the world at this time will be ‘using a sledge-hammer to crack a nut,’ meaning using disproportionate force or expense to overcome a minor problem. We could all be witness to an increase in political arguments both between parties, and even between governments.”

My personal opinion is  that we are likely to encounter, in some way, some “wake-up calls” and major corrections regarding money and economic conditions this month.  Remember, the Number Four supports justice, and corrections give us the opportunity to make things better in the long run.

Also, this same energy applies to the Earth – and as I write this, we are already seeing some strong evidence of “rebalancing” with the earthquakes and Hurricane Irene  making their strong statement.

Regardless of what does happen, it is to your advantage to focus on remaining centered and peaceful in your heart and banishing any fear-based thoughts even if the world at large seems chaotic.  Even though there is at present no way to prove this, I personally believe that there were enough people praying and thinking positive thoughts to make Hurricane Irene’s force much less destructive by the time it reached New York City. 

From a proactive standpoint, September is a very good time to plan and make repairs with regard to finances, health and structure (Let’s hope the Congressional Debt Reduction Committee is able to utilize this time to benefit all of us in the long run!)

For you, personally, here are guidelines to use September’s energies in a constructive way:

---The Number Four is a “get down to work” number which indicates we are all likely to be devoting more time to work related activities.

---It's important to be even more cautious and prudent with money this month.  On the other hand, it can be a terrific time to find an amazing bargain!   

---It’s an excellent month for cleaning out “old stuff” literally and figuratively.  In  addition, Four supports home repair, remodeling and construction projects (but make sure you make a budget and stick to it!)

---Focusing on finding solutions to health or dental issues can be very productive.

All in all, this can be an excellent month to uncover solutions to obstacles to your health and well being in addition to making changes to live more resourcefully and with greater respect for the earth and environment.

In conclusion, I offer the suggestion to call on Archangel Raphael for help in healing anything in your life that is causing you discomfort whether it is physical or emotional pain or illness, addictions, financial distress, exposure to the suffering of others – or concern about the abuse the earth and environment have received from human tampering.

In addition to asking for help healing a specific situation, you can also request that Archangel Raphael help you to:

 ****maintain a healthy lifestyle

 ****listen to your intuitive feelings and inner wisdom

 ****leave a stressful situation behind

 ****stay positive

 ****accept that everything is going in the right direction

Archangel Raphael’s color is emerald green.  Think of this color  (or meditate on the representation of Archangel Raphael above) and envision:


****A Verdant, Pristine Earth

*****Earth’s Population United in Loving Harmony

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