Thursday, June 30, 2011

N-Sights for July 2011


July’s mix of energies is a study in contrasts. If you focus on conducting your life with peace and love in your heart, you will have an easier time transiting the days and experiences of this month.

Our Universal Year Number of Four supports solidarity and the status quo.  July is a Universal Month Number of Two which focuses on choices, changes, and partnership issues.  And, July, the calendar month, is written as “7” which offers us the instruction to rest and regroup, especially in solitude.

So….what’s it to be?  Relax and be in the status quo – or focus on relationships, changes and choices?

It looks like we can take our pick here – and of course, the circumstances in your own life will certainly offer you loud and clear hints about how the month should be spent.

After I thought I had completed this month’s N-Sights, I had my own personal “insight” about the effect of July’s vibration….

Looking at universal energies through numerology gives us one form of clues and insights which offer us, as the energies cycle, opportunities for life lessons both large and small.  Although your own personal life cycles and circumstances are primary influences, the Universal energies are ones which are likely to affect us all.  If we become aware in advance of these energies and their corresponding lessons, we have the opportunity for advance preparation which can make our life easier now and ongoing as we master the lessons.  This is the equivalent of knowing it’s going to rain and taking an umbrella with us.

So, before I continue with my original energy forecast, here is my own personal lesson relevant to July’s energies which I will share with you:

With the best of intentions I sent an empathetic e-mail to a friend, comparing her present challenging situation to one shared by a mutual friend.  Immediately, she sent me a strong rebuke informing me that her circumstances weren’t in any way comparable and that my words and lack of understanding had hurt her deeply.

Here’s what we have here (and this is how my mind works, as I receive information in terms of numbers  --  call it my “talent”, “quirk” or whatever!)

The three major numbers at play in July are 4, 2 and 7….  (I have a lot of Four and Seven energy in my makeup…The other person has a lot of Two energy.)
       Four can be tactless.
      Seven can misunderstand and be misunderstood.
      Two is extremely sensitive and can be hurt easily.
      Two often feels like a victim.
      Two, the number, requires peace, harmony,

                    diplomacy and empathy.

Yes, I apologized and mended the fences.  But, more important, how can you benefit from this incident? 

This month, especially, we are likely to receive the lessons of learning to be sensitive to the feelings of others and to make an effort to keep the peace.  We need to carefully monitor our choice of words and be willing to apologize and make amends if we inadvertently step on someone else’s toes.  We may also find ourselves likely to take offense at someone else’s words and/or actions more than we would do at other times. 

Be alert.  If you find yourself in a state of heightened emotions, ask yourself if you are perhaps over-reacting or have misinterpreted the situation causing your flare-up.  Also, a willingness to apologize and forgive may help you transit the month with more peace and harmony.

This stated, back to my original forecast which contains more hints for mastering the energies of July 2011:

The dominant energy for July 2011 being Two involves us in choices – and sometimes these are difficult to make, often because we can see benefits to all the options before us.

These are five areas that might be considered appropriate to utilize the prevailing number energies of Two, Four and Seven this month, involving relationship and/or family harmony as well as potential contracts and agreements....

 Career  --  form new partnerships and/or change jobs
 Family  --  find ways to create family harmony where
                           differences exist
 Home  --  make changes or buy or sell property
 Health  -  contract resources for your desired outcomes
                           or change your current providers
 Finances – find new resources for financial planning
 Legal -  estate planning is well-timed

Another option (using the “7” energy) is simply to research the changes you would like to make.

This year, 2011, is influenced by the Number Four.  Four wants stability, and it’s more difficult to create major change under this energy, especially if the change you seek is radically different from your current circumstances.    Often economic factors and financial resources are more limited during a Four year, which brings with it the lessons of having all your needs met even in the midst of restricting circumstances.This is especially true if you are transiting a Four Personal Year, have a Four birthday or have Four as one of the major core numbers in your numerology natal chart.

Essentially, then, if you are seeking to reinforce stability and security for yourself and/or your family, you will likely have an easier time of it, and July can help you make progress.  If you are seeking a radical change of direction, you may find the going much easier when 2012 rolls around.  This year, however, is good for planning, saving money and doing whatever other preparation that is required to make your desired lifestyle transition easier when the number energies shift direction.

People who are transiting a Four personal year often are dissatisfied with their life situations and seek change, only to find that, during the Four year, they feel “locked in” and restricted.  The Five year opens the way for them to move forward .

The best advice I can give for July is….
"Dream your dreams….”
“Use your intuition….” (Two is a very intuitive number.)
“Welcome partnerships and agreements that offer you enhanced security in your life.”
"Be patient!  Time-consuming details are part of our lessons this month.
"Nurture peace and love in your heart."

VIP Postscript!!!  The best time for change is between the new moon of July 1st and the full moon of July 15th.  After this time, not only is the moon waning, but --- I know how welcome this news is, but, yes, another Mercury retrograde period is on the way.  It officially begins August 3rd, but the retrograde influence begins accelerating at least two weeks prior to that date.  You are well-advised to make all important choices and changes by mid-July or postpone them until September or later. 

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