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N-Sights for April 2011


When push comes to shove, what do we do? That’s a dilemma this month’s universal number energies places in front of us.  Stay positive and keep reading for some ideas to successfully stay right-side up and functioning in the midst of some of the strong energies we will be transiting this April.

April 2011 is a Universal Eight month in a Universal Four year. In addition, April is the fourth month of our calendar year. And during most of April, the ruling sun sign is Aries, the god of war. Also, forgive me for reminding you again – but Mercury is retrograde until April 23 with the shadow in effect through the last week of the month.   


Let examine first the symbolism of the number Eight and the number Four:


The number Eight is considered a number of power and mastery. It is often associated with money, finance and large corporations. Tarot cards often refer to the card with the number Eight as “Strength”.  Eight has a very labor-intensive quality to it. It demands the very best effort from all who encounter it. Eight is also a number of “balance”.  Note that it is a symmetrical number of two circles, one on top of another. Traditionally, we can refer to the top circle as “heaven” and the bottom circle as “earth”. Eight represents personal power as well as material supply. It is said that for us to manifest wealth on an ongoing basis, we must be connected to “heaven” and have an appreciation for Spirit as the Source of all good. If we ignore the spiritual aspect of our power and wealth, we are more vulnerable to having it disappear.

Pictured above is the Eighth Major Arcana card from the Universal Waite tarot deck.  Notice the balance this card portrays.  The woman has gained courage and strength by taming the bestial lion.  The lion (representing male energy) gains courage and strength by allowing himself to be tamed.  Notice the infitnity sign (the Eight on its side) over the woman's head.

Eight is considered an “all or nothing” number. When transiting Eight, it is more likely that one hits the jackpot or ends up losing one’s fortune. On its side it is the infinity symbol, showing that all is in eternal ebb and flow – what is lost is gained;  what is gained is lost. There is balance and justice in all things.

The number Four represents structure and financial security. It is often symbolized by a “square”. Inside its boundaries we are safe – but are we also “boxed in” or “restricted”? In doing numerology interpretation Four can represent hard work and discipline -- engineers, executives and administrators -- and industries such as investment, banking, insurance, accounting and construction. Four requires precision, and there’s no room for error.


Both Eight and Four represent not only strength, security and fortitude, but also, resistance to change and downright unyielding stubbornness. (That’s the “when push comes to shove” potential when Eight’s and Four’s confront each other.) Depending on the context, these numbers can be your friends or your enemies. If Eight and/or Four are strong in your numerology chart, chances are I just described some of your characteristics. (My birthday is 8-4, so you can see I’m also referring to myself. Yes, I’ve been accused of inflexibility!)

So having covered the basic numeric meanings of Eight and Four, let’s examine more closely these strong numeric and astrological energies in play for April. How they will manifest in our lives? On a collective basis, I can only conjecture, as we all are creating our reality with each moment of existence. However, based on my study of numbers, it does appear that we are likely to have some economic news this month – good or bad is for us to judge – but it could very well have to do with large corporations, investment firms and banking. If this sounds like déjà vu – perhaps it is, as often when Mercury is retrograde, what is past returns to be corrected. There could very well be some new financial “scandals” coming to light. Or – there could be news regarding currency revaluations or inflation or deflation. When Eight and Four appear together, money issues are part of the equation.

We can also look at our Eighth Universal Month during April (which we write as "4") during a Four Universal Year as a message to master our resources which, among other things, we can relate to the issues with containing the radiation contamination in Japan which certainly has potential repercussions for all of us on the planet.

My own concern, and my reason for writing this forecast is not to be “right” as a prophet or to scare you with potential fear-inducing scenarios, but to offer insights that can help each one of you individually to understand some prevailing energies that you can use to live without the shadow of fear and make positive changes in your lives on an ongoing basis regardless of what is going on with the world, the economy, the planets or the numbers.

Here are some of my recommendations to help you get through the possible turbulence of April 2011.

With the number Eight accompanied by Fours, there's just no way that money and finances can avoid being integral factors in this month’s events. For you, as an individual, it can be an excellent time to survey your financial circumstances and what you choose to improve or change. Planning strategy is good, but it’s not a time to act. The summer months beginning in June will usher in what can be a fortuitous time for changes. If you have Eight and/or Four strong in your numerology chart, this guidance will be especially applicable to you.

And – if you waited to file your income taxes this month, check carefully for the possibility of mechanical errors or information erroneously omitted.

If estate matters and/or litigation are presently part of your life, you may experience a settlement or resolution. The number Eight supports justice.  Again, check all details and make sure that there are no accidental omissions and/or errors.


As Eight and Four are numbers that reflect hard work and discipline, the prevailing mood of this month is more serious and labor-intensive.  On the other hand, Eight and Four are numbers of strength and stability, which can be qualities that are a boon to all of us.

Remember when I began this forecast with “when push comes to shove” and said I’d offer a solution? If we find ourselves at some sort of impasse or “pushed against the wall”, the solution is to be flexible, speak up and create change!  In fact, we may well have more incidents of what is already happening: groups of people in this country, the Middle East and elsewhere protesting government oppression and/or current economic conditions and demanding reforms.

You may have previously encountered this quotation from the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu:

Water is fluid, soft and yielding,
But water will wear away rock,
which is rigid and cannot yield.
As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding
will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.
This is another paradox.
What is soft is strong."

Anyone who ever doubted the power of water has only to think of the recent tsunami in Japan to realize the truth of Lao Tzu’s observation.
Angel communicator and author, Doreen Virtue, on her 4AngelTherapy YouTube channel weekly forecast also voiced her belief that the energies of this coming month will be especially strong. She recommended doing extra clearing and shielding with Archangel Michael.  If this ritual appeals to you, click here to access her Archangel Michael clearing video.

Art by Marius Michael-George -

Above all else, this month’s number energies advise us to be strong in resolve, flexible in our strategies and persevere! May Eight’s message of “justice and balance” prevail in the long run for your activities and your life.

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