Saturday, April 30, 2011

N-Sights for May 2011


…As the old song goes….
         "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
        And smile, smile, smile.
        Don't let your joy and laughter hear the snag
        Smile boys, that's the style!
        What's the use of worrying?
        It never was worthwhile.
       So, pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
       And smile, smile, smile."

he good news for this month…..We have a great opportunity to bid the past adieu and prepare for a new start next month. The big challenge may be in perceiving the blessing of letting go and activating the process.

May 2011 is a Universal Nine Month (endings, completion) in a Universal Four Year (structure).   In addition May is designated numerically as “5” which stands for “change”.   Thus we are being instructed to release our past and shift the foundations of our lives.


May 2011 vibrates to 36/9,
the Ten of Wands Tarot card.
It is time to release accumulated burdens
and begin a new cycle.

Our Four Universal Year has to do with structure and limitations. For a lot of us, May can signal an end to restrictions. To do this, however, will likely mean confronting and coming to terms with the lessons of the past. As Nine brings with it both tests and blessings, your assignment is to love and release any challenges that come your way.

Each one of you is in your own Personal Year and on your own chosen path of experience. However, these are some of the occurrences which may arrive for some of us who are transiting the Nine Universal energies this month:

     End of a job or business

     Reverse of secure financial flow and resources

     Necessity of leaving a home

     Accidents and health challenges

I realize that all of these sound ominous and not what we would consciously request for ourselves and others.   What all of the above can do – for those who open their minds to the possibilities – is free us up to begin a new life cycle, a new structure, a new beginning.



Even if we are desiring to initiate change in our lives, we can still find it stressful. Sometimes, it seems easier to stay where we are because our lives have a familiarity even if the details are not ones we find fulfilling and joyful.  Sometimes we are severely stressed at the thought of moving on simply because we can’t envision our lives becoming better or even know what changes we should make.   It has often been pointed out that people who were enslaved in the past had difficulty dealing with their freedom because they had no frame of reference to what being “free” really meant.



Welcome Change

One of the most helpful pieces of information to cross my path recently was Tom Kenyon’s latest channeled Hathor Planetary Message. Included in the article was confirmation of what we essentially already know:  The Earth has entered a “Chaotic Node” which increases the levels of natural earth upheavals and aberrant weather patterns along with economic, social and political turmoil.

When we experience major changes that we have not instigated or desired (either individually -- or collectively through tsunamis, tornados, the ravages of war or the like), we are placed in what the Hathors termed “transitional states of consciousness”. We find ourselves in a void where all the perceptual markers that helped us make sense of our world have disappeared; yet our new reality is not yet fully formed.

Although a natural tendency for anyone in this situation can be panic and trauma, the advice given is to befriend the void point and become comfortable with the great uncertainty that exists. The next bit of advice is “be curious and expect miracles”. This will release your power of creativity which allows you to move forward in a state of consciousness from which can evolve many incidents of serendipity and benefits.  I found this a fascinating article. It you’d like to read it in its entirety, click here


Say Goodbye

This is an ideal time to do some serious housecleaning, going through your possessions and selling, recycling, or giving away everything that you do not absolutely love or find in some way of value in your life. By getting rid of the old and leaving empty spaces, you leave room for new things to enter. The same can be said for an unfulfilling job, a business that is not productive or a living arrangement that is either too costly or which drains your energy in some way.


Help Others

Offering others our assistance can always be gratifying, both for us and for the recipients. As Nine is the number of benevolence, philanthropy, love and good will, it is especially appropriate to give from our hearts to people and causes we believe in this month.  Feng Shui consultant, Marina Lighthouse, periodically does good deed ritutals for 27 days and records them in her blog which you can access here. Notice that the deeds do not have to be huge or costly. – Simple random acts of kindness, often to strangers, can have an impact in the Universe much beyond what we might anticipate.


Be Grateful

Consciously maintaining an ongoing state of gratitude automatically enhances our lives in a way that can make discomforts and annoyances fade into the background.

May any trials this month be more than offset by amazing blessings and miracles that arrive at your doorstep. See you in June when we encounter that new doorway of opportunity and a month of new beginnings!

And don’t forget to smile, smile, smile!!!

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