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March 2011 is a month to reflect rather than act. What does your ideal world look like? What would you like reflected back to you?   What needs healing, correcting, and/or restructuring in your life?

                                         White Gardenias II      Artist:  Andrea Smith

This month of March 2011 we are transiting the energy of the Universal Seven. Seven connects us with the world of Spirit and our inner vision, giving us information from beyond  the world of the five senses. As we allow ideas to surface into our minds from the realm of the unconscious, we are then given “vision” to make changes in our lives. We must first have the visions before we can create and bring them into reality.

Those of you who listened to my 2011 Forecast Teleconference in January with guest astrologer, Katherine Metcalf, will recall that both Katherine and I saw some strong "cosmic turbulence” coming up for the spring addition to Mercury going retrograde from March 30 through April 23.  As we are in a time of a great “rebalancing” going on for the Earth and all its inhabitants, our learning to master the art of inner peace and confidence will help us make this time of change an easier one.

Remember, we are all co-creating our outer world as an extension of our thoughts. All the cosmic energies, astrological, numeric and otherwise are simply potentials which can result in a range of possibilities. The determination of whether something is good or bad is up to us and our perceptions. As we learn  the art of acceptance and non-judgment, we allow ourselves a world that is always in a state of divine perfect order in the present moment.

Inner Journey      Artist:  Andrea Smith

As a numerologist who appreciates and uses some astrology guidelines in my work, I plead guilty to being an alarmist in the past about the appearance of Mercury retrograde and its potential effects on our lives.  In reality, the lessons of Mercury retrograde are valid for us to practice every day of our lives. And, as I have remarked previously, the potentials and lessons of the Number Seven are very much in tandem with the Mercury retrograde phenomenon. The Seven offers us tests so that we can develop our ability to look for solutions beyond the physical realms.

Let’s look at these lessons now and see how we can prepare for this forthcoming time period, and, at the same time, master being confident and prepared for those events which we can easily judge to be unwelcome at any time in our lives whether Mercury happens to be retrograde or not.

Both the number Seven and Mercury present possible challenges for the following….

Communication – misunderstanding and being misunderstood:  When Mercury is retrograde, the possibility of mixed-up messages and typographical errors gets magnified…or people simple don’t comprehend the message you think you’ve clearly stated, or vice versa.

Focus      Artist:  Andrea Smith

Absent-mindedness – Those who can be likened to “the absent-minded professor” often have dominant Seven energies in their numerology charts.  Therefore, forgetting important details can be part of the Seven and Mercury dynamic. How many times have we received an invitation that was missing some important information like the day or time or place of the event? – Or you showed up to attend the party only to learn it took place yesterday?


Electronics – Both Mercury and Seven vibrate to the world of electronics.  It is recommended that, if there is a choice, people avoid major electronic purchases while Mercury is retrograde (and at least a week before and a week after the actual Mercury retro dates). If you know that you will need to make a major electronic purchase, you are wise to do so before March 15 or wait until May. If you can’t avoid a purchase during this time, make sure you check out the terms of your warranty. Also, have your electronics checked for good working order prior to mid-March.


During this coming time period we will be more vulnerable individually and collectively to major electronic meltdowns. Make sure all your valuable information is backed up. If the power goes out in your home, are you prepared to deal with that? And – what about the electrical systems in your home? If you have any doubt about the safety of your wiring, it’s a good idea to get that checked for peace of mind.

Supported by the Universe      Artist:  Andrea Smith

 Travel – Mercury can up the ante for unexpected travel glitches. It’s best to make your reservations in advance of the Mercury retro period. Even if you do, check all times and details before you depart. Know how you will handle things if there are unexpected delays. And, remember, too, that Katherine Metcalf predicted uprisings and warned against travel to the Middle Eastern countries this spring.

Aviation - Seven rules aviation, so we might expect a higher concentration of Mercury-related and other events related to air travel. The last time we had Mercury retro and a Seven Universal month in concurrent transit, we had the ash from the Icelandic volcano disrupting air traffic for days.

Contracts and Agreements – Refer to the above guidelines about possible communication errors. Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid any major contract when Mercury is retrograde. But --- life goes on, and sometimes, there’s no alternative. If that is the case, be sure to read all the fine print and check for errors. This is always the best advice, anyway, if major contracts and legal dealings are under way.

Water -- Seven and Mercury rule water. Need I say more? First off, it’s always a good idea to check your home plumbing on a routine basis. If you haven’t done so, now is a good time. Since we are going through a time of accelerated earth changes, the probability of some major “water events” taking place is just naturally high – and even higher during this time period.

Giverney Tulip      Artist:  Andrea Smith

Nature – Seven stands for tranquility – and where can we find that? No better place than going to a nature setting, especially when we are near water or mountains. Again, though, we are going through a time period when the likelihood of some cataclysmic earth changes is intensified.  If you are choosing to visit any volcanoes during this time period, choose carefully!

Now let’s look at some of the lessons that we can learn when things seemingly go amiss. 

Patience - We want what we want when we want it…But sometimes, we have to wait – for the other person to do his or her thing – for whatever it is to be repaired – for the hurricane to pass – for the brass ring to come up on the merry-go-round. Patience is one of our great lessons. It allows us to learn to live in the present moment and count our blessings that exist at that point in time, often much easier said than done, but so it is.

Acceptance - Tied in with patience is the lesson of accepting the “what is” of things. Most of us have been brought up to think that we can only be happy if conditions meet certain values or requirements that we or other people have in place. The more flexible and accepting we can be of what is occurring in our space during the present moment, the more peace and harmony can be allowed into our hearts.


Non-Judgment – Closely related to “acceptance” is “non-judgment”. When we judge an event as “bad”, no matter how that might seem justified looking at the event on the surface, we put ourselves in a position of being in one way or another victimized by the circumstances. Our power is thus undermined. We can become angry, critical or passively immobilized by the event. If we look at the event as just that – an “event” and remove the emotional charge it takes us to a place of not only acceptance, but also being able to respond in a constructive way, looking at what we have the power to change. If we can’t change the situation, we can then examine what creative alternatives might exist in adopting to it.

Thoughts of Peace      Artist:  Andrea Smith

Forgiveness of self and others – This is major. How many times have we chastised ourselves over moments of forgetfulness or tactlessness or just doing “dumb” things? Same thing with others – It’s “their” fault that such and such happened. If “they” had been alert, this wouldn’t have happened. We all know the stress that blame places on us. If we learn to forgive the people and not their transgressions, we also are in a process of learning to forgive ourselves as well.

Humor – Someone expressed to me that humor was actually an expression of pain. But then – how therapeutic is laughter? Diffusing a situation with humor can be such a healing force. Use it!

Overcoming fearWhen you were reviewing my list of of possible Mercury retrograde and/or Seven Universal month scenarios, did you feel any fear? That was not my intention. Did you “misunderstand” me? (See above - the "Seven trait"!) However, some of the possibilities I listed could definitely put you in a state of fear if you are not prepared to deal with the unexpected. We are all on the path of learning how to be confident and courageous when the curve balls come flying straight in our path. That is why learning how to consciously control our thoughts will help not only in preventing the big “oh, no, not this!” events that occur, but additionally and more importantly can help us develop our courage and, through positive thinking, create a flow of positive events and crisis mastery.

Healing Self, the Earth and Others      Artist:  Andrea Smith

Celebrated world peace artist, Andrea Smith, has begun a weekly inspirational e-mail that contains brief bits of profoundly spiritual wisdom along with a picture of one of her paintings. Her message that arrived last week was so much in synchronicity with what I planned for this forecast, that I am called to acknowledge her wisdom with much gratitude.

We hear frequently now about the “Law of Attraction” as a way of manifesting our desires. The tricky part of this Law is that, without being aware, we can easily (sometimes much more easily!) manifest our fears and the things we don’t want. This is Andrea Smith’s advice using a very clever play on words. “(If you) pay it no attention, it doesn’t create a ‘tension’.” ( Click here and go to her website contact page to subscribe to Andrea’s weekly Enlighten Up inspirational message and art.  Also, much gratitude to Andrea Smith for permission to showcase her exquisite works of spiritual art with this forecast.  You can visit her beautiful gallery in Sedona, Arizona.) 

From my perspective, this is one of your major  “spiritual tests” this month.  As an alternative to focusing your attention on Mercury going retrograde and the challenges of March's Seven ruling vibration, looking for the “proof” of being a victim of the energy in every mishap that occurs, instead focus on achieving your desired outcomes, accepting and blessing the “what is”, being in a state of non-judgment, loving your fears to their death, and forgiving yourself and others for anything that was ever done that made you forget to love yourself.

 Garden of God      Artist:  Andrea Smith

This is tall order to be sure – but I know we are up to the tasks --- and if, my and your efforts are not rewarded initially, remember, we humans are all allowed to forgive ourselves and start over.

And lastly, if something unwelcome does take place in your life, I offer one of my favorite quotes from Louise Hay that I enjoy repeating: “Out of this situation, only good will come. All is well…” It makes a great mantra!



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